(See Paragraph-6)
Note : If space provided against any parameter is inadequate, Kindly upload supporting document under 'Additional Attachments if any'  at the last part of the Form1. Please note that all such Annexures must be part of single pdf document.
(I) Basic Information
S.No.Item Details
Is your project Comes under Notified Industrial Area NA
Whether proposal involved violation of EIA notificationN/A
Weather Consent to Establishment ObtainedN/A
Upload copy of CTE N/A
Name of the Project/s Modernization and Expansion of Port Infrastructure for Fishing, Coastal, & Multipurpose Cargo Berth and Liquid / General Cargo
Brief summary of projectAnnexure-Brief summary of project
Proposal Number ia/ga/mis/62248/2017
Project Cost 50000 lacs
S. No. in the schedule7(e) Ports, Harbours
Project Sector INFRA-2
3. Proposed capacity/area/length/tonnage to be handled/command area/lease area/number or wells to be drilled 4 MT capacity ha.
5. Existing Capacity/Area etc.  ha.
6. Category of project i.e. 'A' or 'B' A
Does it attract the general condition? If yes, please specify No
Does it attract the specific condition? If yes, please specify No
Location of the projectMarmugao Port, Goa
Shape of the project landStrip
Uploaded GPS fileAnnexure-GPS file      
Uploaded copy of survey of India ToposheetAnnexure-Survey of india toposheet
Town / VillageVasco-Da-Gama
State of the projectGoa
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
(1.)GoaSouth GoaMormugao
Nearest railway station along with distance in kms Vasco-Da-gama, 4 km
Nearest airport along with distance in kms Dabolim Airport, 8 km
11. Nearest Town/City/District Headquarters along with distance in kms Vasco-Da-Gama , 3 km
12. Village Panchayats, Zila Parishad, Muncipal Corporation, Local body (Complete postal address with telephone nos. to be given)
13. Name of the Applicant L A
14. Registered Address Headland, Sada, Goa-403804
Address for correspondance:
Name of the Company Prema Kumar
Name of the Applicant L A
Designation (Owner/ Partner/ CEO) Chief Engineer
Pin code 403804
Telephone No. 832-2521162
Fax No. 832-2521165
Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency . NIL
Details of Alternative Sites examined, if any. Location of these sites should be shown on a toposheet No
17. Whether part of Interlinked projects? No
18. Whether separate application of Interlinked project has been submitted? N/A
If Yes, MoEF file numberN/A
Date of submissionN/A
20. If No, Reason N/A
Whether the proposal involves Approval/ Clearance under: if yes, details of the same and their status to be given
(i) Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the Forest (Conservation) Act,1980?No
(ii) Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the wildlife (Protection) Act,1972?No
(iii) Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the C.R.Z notification, 2011?Yes
Whether there is any Government Order/Policy relevant/relating to the site?No
Whether any Forest Land Involved?
Area of Forest land Involved (hectares)N/A
Whether there is any litigation pending against the project and/or land in which the project is proposed to be set up?No
(a) Name of the CourtN/A
(b) Name of the Sub courtN/A
(c) Case No.N/A
(d) Orders/directions of the court, if any and relevance with the proposed projectN/A
(II) Activity
1 Construction, operation or decommissioning of the Project involving actions, which will cause physical changes in the locality (topography, land use, changes in water bodies, etc.)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details there of (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
1.1 Permanent or temporary change in land use, land cover or topography including increase in intensity of land use (with respect to local land use plan) No The project does not involve any change in land use as all constructions are proposed on reclaimed marine area within the Port Basin under Mormugao Port Jurisdiction. The details are as under: a) In fishing Jetty Land required for shore based facilities like auction hall, loading area, parking area, approach road, internal roads, net mending shed, gear shed, rest shed, ice plant cum chilled storage facilities and administrative office. For these a total area of 20,000 sq.m is proposed to be
1.2 Clearance of existing land, vegetation and buildings? No No clearance of existing vegetation or buildings is involved. The land is not vegetated as it is an integral part of Port land and used as such
1.3 Creation of new land uses? No
1.4 Pre-construction investigations e.g. bore houses, soil testing? Yes Borehole and soil testingstudies have been conducted and details are available with the Port.
1.5 Construction works? Yes The waterfront facilities and other infrastructure facilities proposed as a part of the project are listed as below:(a) A landing quay of length 520 m and varying widths of 8m/ 10m and 12 m aligned in North South direction, constructed as RCC deck structure Supported on Piles, construction of RCC slip way 60x62 m and backup area constructed by providing reclamation bund of approx. length 400m constructed to reclaim an area of 20000sq. m. for accommodation of shore facilities for fishing harbor
1.6 Demolition works? No
1.7 Temporary sites used for construction works or housing of construction workers? Yes Temporary site office and store room with a total covered area of about 500m2.
1.8 Above ground buildings, structures or earthworks including linear structures, cut and fill or excavations and fill or excavations Yes Please refer to 1.5 above.
1.9 Underground works including mining or tunnelling? No
1.10 Reclamation works? Yes A total marine reclamation work of about 65000 m2 is involved as detailed above at 1.5.
1.11 Dredging? Yes A total dredged quantity of about 1.62 Million m3 is involved as detailed above at 1.5.
1.12 Offshore structures? No
1.13 Production and manufacturing processes? No
1.14 Facilities for storage of goods or materials? Yes Temporary Storage shed for cement/steel/ equipment of about 500m2. Permanent Permanent sheds are notenvisaged for storage but for Auction hall, net mending shed, gear shed, rest shed, ice plant.
1.15 Facilities for treatment or disposal of solid waste or liquid effluents? Yes Solid waste will be segregated into biodegradable and non bio degradable. Non biodegradablewaste will be disposed of through the Mormugao Municipal Waste Treatment Plant. Biodegradablewaste will be composted and used as manure for green belt areas developed within the Port complex. The sewage generated in new facility shall be collected in collection tanks and transported through night soil tankers to existing Port sewage treatment plant. Dredged material will be disposed off in the existing
1.16 Facilities for long term housing of operational workers? No
1.17 New road, rail or sea traffic during construction or operation? Yes An approach road of 8.0m width and 50m length is proposed for connecting the project area to main city road.
1.18 New road, rail, air water borne or other transport infrastructure including new or altered routes and stations, ports, airports etc? No
1.19 Closure or diversion of existing transport routes or infrastructure leading to changes in traffic movements? No
1.20 New or diverted transmission lines or pipelines? Yes This is applicable to activity at (b) stated above. A POL/other liquid cargo pipelines from the existing Berth No. 8 shall be reinstalled atthe proposed POL berth.
1.21 Impoundment, damming, culverting, realignment or other changes to the hydrology of watercourses or aquifers? No
1.22 Stream crossings? No
1.23 Abstraction or transfers of water from ground or surface waters? No
1.24 Changes in water bodies or the land surface affecting drainage or run-off? No
1.25 Transport of personnel or materials for construction, operation or decommissioning? Yes Transport of materials and personnel will be through the existing road. An approach road of 8.0m width and 50m length is proposed for connecting the project area to main city road.
1.26 Long-term dismantling or decommissioning or restoration works? No
1.27 Ongoing activity during decommissioning which could have an impact on the environment? No
1.28 Influx of people to an area in either temporarily or permanently? Yes Temporary and minor impact of influx of about 70 workers/ technical staff is expected only during construction phase. Most of the labour force will be local and hence reside at their residences located close by and shall go back to their homes on completion of the work.
1.29 Introduction of alien species? No
1.30 Loss of native species or genetic diversity? No
1.31 Any other actions? No
2 Use of Natural resources for construction or operation of the Project (such as land, water, materials or energy, especially any resources which are non-renewable or in short supply):
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
2.1 Land especially undeveloped or agricultural land (ha) No
2.2 Water (expected source & competing users) unit: KLD Yes During project construction and operation phases, water would be required for meeting various needs. During construction phase, about 20 m3/day of water will be required for meeting domestic water demand as given below Water for workers at the project site @50lpcd for 70 persons – 3.5 m3/day. Water required for construction and allied purposes is about 16.5 m3/day. During operation phase, about 25m3of fresh water will be required to meet the demands of fishing boats, manufactur
2.3 Minerals (MT) No
2.4 Construction material – stone, aggregates, sand / soil (expected source – MT) Yes Stone – 50,000 m3 Aggregate – 90,000 m3 Sand – 45,000 m3 Sand, Aggregates, Stones and Murrum will be procured from within the State through approved contractors.
2.5 Forests and timber (source – MT) No
2.6 Energy including electricity and fuels (source, competing users) Unit: fuel (MT),energy (MW) Yes The power for construction will be arranged from local sources. However, provisions shall also be made for diesel generating set of adequate capacity to be used as back up during power cut and emergency.
2.7 Any other natural resources (use appropriate standard units) No
3 Use, storage, transport, handling or production of substances or materials, which could be harmful to human health or the environment or raise concerns about actual or perceived risks to human health
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
3.1 Use of substances or materials, which are hazardous (as per MSIHC rules) to human health or the environment (flora, fauna, and water supplies No
3.2 Changes in occurrence of disease or affect disease vectors (e.g. insect or water borne diseases) No The nature of present development does not involve any such eventuality.
3.3 Affect the welfare of people e.g. by changing living conditions? No The proposed modern fishing jetty will make all fishing operations easy and efficient and hence give boost to the economic welfare of local fishermen. The proposed project will create the following additional infrastructure: • Fish auction hall • Ice plant cum chilled storage facilities. • Fish drying platform • Net mending shed
3.4 Vulnerable groups of people who could be affected by the project e.g. hospital patients, children, the elderly etc. No
3.5 Any other causes No
4 Production of solid wastes during construction or operation or decommissioning (MT/month)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
4.1 Spoil, overburden or mine wastes Yes generated during construction phase shall be used partly for land filling and restoration of the project site. Balance material will be disposed as per the guidance of the Mormugao Municipal Authority at designated road construction sites. The dredged spoils shall be used in the extent possible for reclamation and unsuitable method will be disposed off at the designated spoil grounds.
4.2 Municipal waste (domestic and or commercial wastes) Yes The municipal waste generated during project construction phase shall be of the order of only 0.03t/day. This will be disposed through the Mormugao Municipal Council.
4.3 Hazardous wastes (as per Hazardous Waste Management Rules) No
4.4 Other industrial process wastes No
4.5 Surplus product No
4.6 Sewage sludge or other sludge from effluent treatment Yes The sewage generated in new facility shall be collected in collection tanks and transported through night soil tankers to existing Port sewage treatment plant.
4.7 Construction or demolition wastes No
4.8 Redundant machinery or equipment No
4.9 Contaminated soils or other materials No
4.10 Agricultural wastes No
4.11 Other solid wastes No
5 Release of pollutants or any hazardous, toxic or noxious substances to air(Kg/hr)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
5.1 Emissions from combustion of fossil fuels from stationary or mobile sources Yes The operation of various equipment during construction phase will require combustion of diesel. The major pollutant, which gets emitted, as a result is SO2. The SPM emission is minimum due to low ash content in diesel. The short term increase in SO2, even assuming all the equipment are operating at a common point is expected to be quite low. Thus, no adverse impact on ambient air quality is anticipated.
5.2 Emissions from production processes No
5.3 Emissions from materials handling including storage or transport Yes During construction phase there will be increase in vehicular movement. Construction material will be brought and stored at various sites. Due to blowing of wind especially when environment is dry, some of the stored material can get airborne. However, impact on this account is not expected to be significant. During project operation phase, fish landed at the fishing jetty shall be transported to consumers in trucks. The increase in number of trucks operating at the fishing jetty will be deter
5.4 Emissions from construction activities including plant and equipment Yes Same as 5.1
5.5 Dust or odours from handling of materials including construction materials, sewage and waste No
5.6 Emissions from incineration of waste No
5.7 Emissions from burning of waste in open air (e.g. slash materials, construction debris) No
5.8 Emissions from any other sources No
6 Generation of Noise and Vibration, and Emissions of Light and Heat:
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
6.1 From operation of equipment e.g. engines, ventilation plant, crushers Yes Noise will be generated during construction phase as a result of operation of construction equipment. The noise likely to be generated due to operation of various construction equipment is given as below: Equipment Sound level (dBA) Floating pontoon with mixer machine and crane 70 Winch machine 80 Transit mixer 75 Dumpers 75 Generators 85 Batching plant 90 Air compressors 90 Pile drivers 115 Inconvenience, if any, due to this noise will be restricted only for the construction period a
6.2 From industrial or similar processes No
6.3 From construction or demolition No
6.4 From blasting or piling Yes Only from piling (90 dB(A)). No blasting is envisaged.
6.5 From construction or operational traffic Yes During construction phase, there will be increase in vehicular movement for transportation of construction material. Noise generated during operational phase is insignificant. Fishing activity and transportation of fish is happening for the temporary Jetty in the area. Based on past experience, impacts on ambient noise levels due to operation of construction equipment, and increased vehicular movement is not expected to be significant.
6.6 From lighting or cooling systems No
6.7 From any other sources No
7 Risks of contamination of land or water from releases of pollutants into the ground or into sewers, surface waters, groundwater, coastal waters or the sea:
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
7.1 From handling, storage, use or spillage of hazardous materials No
7.2 From discharge of sewage or other effluents to water or the land (expected mode and place of discharge) No The sewage generated in new facility shall be collected in collection tanks and transported through night soil tankers to existing Port sewage treatment plant.
7.3 By deposition of pollutants emitted to air into the land or into water No
7.4 From any other sources No
7.5 Is there a risk of long term build up of pollutants in the environment from these sources? No
8 Risk of accidents during construction or operation of the Project, which could affect human health or the environment
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
8.1 From explosions, spillages, fires etc from storage, handling, use or production of hazardous substances No
8.2 From any other causes No
8.3 Could the project be affected by natural disasters causing environmental damage (e.g. floods, earthquakes, landslides, cloudburst etc)? No The proposed project site falls in Zone-III as per IS-1893 (Part-I):2002. Hence, it is not a seismically active zone. Similarly, there is no record of occurrence of floods, landslides, cloud bursts, etc. in the project zone.
9 Factors which should be considered (such as consequential development) which could lead to environmental effects or the potential for cumulative impacts with other existing or planned activities in the locality
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
9.1 Lead to development of supporting utilities, ancillary development or development stimulated   by the project which could have impact on the environment e.g.:
  • Supporting infrastructure (roads, power supply,waste or waste water treatment, etc.)
  • housing development
  • extractive industries
  • supply industries
  • Other
Yes The proposed development will improve the Port infrastructure. Fishing industry will get boost through the development of modern fishing Jetty and other facilities, which will lead to export of Marine products. Cruise facilities will positively impact the tourism industry. POL berth, Coastal and multipurpose Beths will Increase capacith of Port. This will benefit the Port and hence the State.
9.2 Lead to after-use of the site, which could have an impact on the environment No
9.3 Set a precedent for later developments Yes Please refer 9.1 above
9.4 Have cumulative effects due to proximity to other existing or planned projects with similar effects Yes As a part of the existing Port complex this modernization and expansion will improve the efficiency and profitability of port operations and benefit the local community as well as the State.
(III) Environmental Sensitivity
S.No Areas Name/Identity Aerial distance (within 15km.) Proposed project location boundary
1 Areas protected under international conventions, national or local legislation for  their ecological, landscape, cultural or other related value
2 Areas which are important or sensitive for ecological reasons - Wetlands, watercourses or other water bodies, coastal zone, biospheres, mountains, forests Yes Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is located about 13 km from MPT (Refer Figure-3). NIO has reported corals in Grand island located about 7 km from MPT. Mangrove vegetation is located as few patches in Zuari creek at about 7 km from MPT.
3 Areas used by protected, important or sensitive species of flora or fauna for breeding, nesting, foraging, resting, over wintering, migration Yes Only a few patches of mangrove vegetation are present in the area. However, the nearest patch of mangrove is about 7 km from the Eastern boundary of the Port in the Zuari River
4 Inland, coastal, marine or underground waters Yes The active Port Basin is located in the Zuari Estuary and is used continuously for Port activities for last five decades
5 State, National boundaries No
6 Routes or facilities used by the public for access to recreation or other tourist, pilgrim areas No
7 Defence installations Yes INS Hansa- 2.2km; Goa Shipyard- 2.8km
8 Densely populated or built-up area Yes Mormugao population: Approx. 28000.
9 Areas occupied by sensitive man-made land uses (hospitals, schools, places of worship, community facilities) Yes 3 kings church- 13.289km; ReiusMagoos fort- 9.26km; Deepvihar School- 0.9km; MES College- 7.32km; MPT hospital- 1.40km; SMRC Hospital- 4.52km
10 Areas containing important, high quality or scarce resources.(ground water resources,surface resources,forestry,agriculture,fisheries,tourism,minerals) Yes TOURIST PLACES Baina beach- 2.4km; Bogmalo beach-6.1km; St. Jacinto Island- 6.7km
11 Areas already subjected to pollution or environmental damage.(those where existing legal environmental standards are exceeded) No
12 Areas susceptible to natural hazard which could cause the project to present environmental problems (earthquakes, subsidence, landslides, erosion, flooding or extreme or adverse climatic conditions) similar effects No
(IV) Proposed Terms of Reference for EIA studies
1 Uploaded Proposed TOR File Annexure-TOR file
2 Uploaded scanned copy of covering letter Annexure-scanned copy of covering letter
3 Uploaded Pre-Feasibility report(PFR) Annexure-PFR
4 Uploaded additional attachments(only single pdf file) NIL
      Essential Detail Sought : NIL
      Additional Detail Sought : NIL
(V) Undertaking
I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief and I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at any stage, the project will be rejected and clearance given, if any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost.
Name of ApplicantL A
DesignationChief Engineer
Name of Company (Applicant Name should not be given here)Prema Kumar
AddressHeadland, Sada, Goa-403804