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Dated: February 25, 2009.


M/s Jayaswal Neco Industries Ltd.

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Sub:       Metabodeli Iron Ore Mine (ML area 50.0 ha) and production capacity 0.20 MTPA at village Metabodeli, in Pakhanjur taluk, in Kanker Distt., in Chhattisgarh       – reg.  TOR.



The undersigned is directed to refer to your letter dated 03.12.2008, on the above mentioned subject.  This is to inform that the proposal was considered by the Expert Appraisal Committee during its 30th Meeting held during February 3-4, 2009, for determination of the Terms of Reference (TOR) for undertaking detailed EIA study in accordance with the provisions of the EIA notification dated September 14, 2006. The Committee has suggested following specific Terms of Reference (TORs) for preparation of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Report and Environment Management Plan (EMP), in respect of your above mentioned project.

i)              Executive summary of the project indicating relevant details shall be provided and issues raised in public hearing along with action plan to address the same shall be provided in tabular form including requisite allocation of funds.

ii)             A copy of lease allocated (lease deed execution) in the name of the company shall be provided along with mining plan (including progressive mine closure plan).

iii)            The lease in the instant case shall be amalgamated with the existing working lease which is contiguous to this lease.

iv)           Action plan for implementation of zero waste mining concepts shall be submitted. The plan shall be either by putting up pelletisation/sintering plant or tie up for disposal of 100% low grade ores/fines to prospective buyers.

v)            Layout plan indicating break-up of lease area indicating area for excavation for mining, waste dump, mineral storage, top soil storage, green belt, infrastructure, roads and site for proposed beneficiation plant area (including tailing pond site etc.) shall be provided

vi)           Photograph of the mine lease area, where mining activity is proposed to be undertaken shall be provided.

vii)          Satellite imagery or authenticated map indicating drainage, cropping pattern, water bodies (rivers, nallhs, ponds etc.), location of nearest villages, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves, biosphere reserves, heritage sites etc in the core and buffer zone shall be provided.

viii)         Detailed action plan for reclamation of mined pit before working subsequent mineral bearing area shall be prepared.

ix)           Action Plan for preservation of buffer zone to be maintained between two consecutive mineral bearing deposits shall be prepared.

x)            Approved mining plan including progressive mine closure plan shall be provided along with EIA report. Letter of approval from IBM shall also be enclosed.

xi)           Detailed drawings indicating geological formation of ores with respect to ground water table shall be submitted.

xii)          Primary survey of flora and fauna shall be carried out and report submitted along with EIA/EMP report.

xiii)         Conservation plan for wildlife shall be prepared (as applicable) in consultation with the office of the Chief Wild Life Warden for implementation before start of the plant. The plan shall consist of in-built monitoring and evaluation mechanism. Necessary fund for implementation of the same shall be separately allocated (and shall not be diverted for any other activity) and specified in the plan.

xiv)        Action Plan for ambient air quality monitoring shall be prepared, which shall constitute of adequate stations in core and buffer zones.

xv)         Action plan for control of fugitive dust generation shall be prepared. The plan shall consist of schedule and methodology of monitoring of fugitive dust emission at locations of nearest human habitation (including schools and other public amenities located nearest to sources of dust generation as applicable).

xvi)        Detailed plan for raising Shelter Belt i.e Wind Break of 30 m width and consisting of at least 5 tiers around lease facing the human habitation / agricultural fields (if any in the vicinity) etc. shall be submitted.

xvii)       A scientific mining scheme for every 5 years for the life of the mine shall be prepared.

xviii)      Scheme for Rain water harvesting including road map for implementation shall be prepared.

xix)        Action plan for maintenance of village roads through which transportation of ores are undertaken to be carried out by the company regularly at its own expenses shall be prepared. 

xx)         Measures for prevention and control of soil erosion and management of silt shall be prepared. Assessment of total silt load likely to be generated shall be carried out. Proposal for protection of dumps against erosion by geo textile matting or other suitable material and plantations of native trees and shrubs at the dump slopes shall be prepared.

xxi)        Trenches/ garland drains proposed to be constructed at foot of dumps and installation of materials like coco filters at regular intervals to arrest silt from being carried to water bodies shall be prepared. Proposal for adequate number of Check Dams and Gully Plugs proposed to be constructed across seasonal / perennial nallahs (if any) flowing through the ML area shall be prepared. De- silting schedule at regular intervals shall be also provided

xxii)       Land-use pattern of the nearby villages shall be studied, including identification of common property resources available for conversion into productive land and action plan for abatement and compensation for damage to agricultural land/ common property land (if any) in the nearby villages, due to mining activity shall be prepared.

xxiii)      Need based assessment for the near by villages shall be conducted to study economic measures which can help in upliftment of poor section of society. Income generating projects consistent with the traditional skills of the people besides development of fodder farm, fruit bearing orchards, vocational training etc. can form a part of such programme.  This will be in addition to vocational training for individuals imparted to take up self employment and jobs. Separate budget for community development activities and income generating programmes shall be specified.

xxiv)      Implementation of Occupational health and safety measures for the workers including identification of work related health hazards, training on malaria eradication, HIV, and health effects on exposure to mineral dust etc. shall be prepared, including record keeping procedures. Awareness programme for workers on impact of mining on their health and precautionary measures like use of personal equipments etc. to be carried periodically shall also be submitted.

xxv)       Green belt development and selection of plant species shall be as per CPCB guidelines.  Herbs and shrubs shall also form a part of afforestation programme besides tree plantation. Details of year wise afforestation programme including rehabilitation of mined out area shall be prepared.

xxvi)      The questionnaire for environmental appraisal of mining projects as devised earlier by the Ministry shall be filled up and submitted in complete.


2.         The Committee also observed that any deviation of the structure of EIA/EMP report as prescribed in the revised Model TOR shall not be acceptable and shall constitute a ground for rejection.


3.         The additional specific TORs, as at para 1 above, shall be incorporated over and above the TORs (as applicable to you) as mentioned in the revised Model Terms of Reference for mining projects (communicated to you) while preparation of the Draft EIA/EMP report. The Draft EIA/EMP report shall be thereafter submitted to the SPCB for public consultation/pubic hearing. The issues emerged during public hearing shall be further incorporated in the Draft EIA/EMP report. The final EIA/EMP report along with public hearing report and the requisite documents (including written objections, if any) shall be submitted to the Ministry for appraisal by the Expert Appraisal Committee (Mining) for consideration of awarding environmental clearance under the provisions of Environmental Impact Assessment notification dated September 14, 2006.


Yours faithfully,







(W.Bharat Singh)

Deputy Director   


Copy to:


1.         Chairman, Chhattisgarh State Environment Conservation & Protection Board, Nanak Niwas, Civil Lines, Raipur, Chhattisgarh – 421 001.







(W.Bharat Singh)

Deputy Director   


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