(To be filled up by User Agency)
1. Details of Project
Proposal No. : IA/MH/THE/146614/2020  
(a) Name of the project : 1x660MW Bhusawal Supercritical Thermal Power by Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited  
(d) Legal Status of the Company. : State Government  
(e) Joint Venture (Yes/No) : No
2. Address for the Correspondence
(a) Name of Applicant. : Nitin  
(b) Designation (Owner/Partner/CEO) : CGM  
       State : Maharashtra  
       District : Mumbai City  
       Town / Village : No  
(d) Pin Code : 400051  
(e) Email :  
(f) Telephone no : 26582424  
(g) Fax no : 26477273  
(h) Mobile no : 8879770697  
(i) Contact Person. : Nitin  
(j) Website (if any) :
3. Category of the Project/Activity as per Schedule of EIA Notification,2006
(a). Major Activity. : 1(d) Thermal Power Plants
      Minor Activity : No  
      Major Sub Activity. : No  
      Minor Sub Activity : No  
(b). Category : A  
      Reason for applicant at central level/state level(in case of B1 and B2 projects): No
4. Location of Project
(a) Plot No/Survey No/Khasra No : Pimpri Sekam  
(b) Village : Bhusawal  
(c) Tehsil : Bhusawal  
(d) District : Jalgaon  
(e) State : Maharashtra  
(f) Pin Code : 425307  
(g) Bounded Latitudes (North) : Yes  
        From : Degree:21, Minutes : 02, Second :42.9  
        To    : Degree:21, Minutes : 03, Second :02.0  
(h) Bounded Longitudes (East) : Yes  
        From : Degree:75, Minutes : 51, Second :58.40  
        To    : Degree:75, Minutes : 51, Second :49.9  
(i) Survey of India Topo Sheet No : 46O/16, 46P/13
5 Details of Environment Clearance
(a) Project Name : 1x660MW Bhusawal Supercritical Thermal Power by Maharashtra State Power Generation Company Limited  
(b) MoEF&CC / SEIAA File No : J-13012/75/2010 - IA. II (T)  
(c) Date of issue of EC : 27/11/2012   (d) Uploaded EC letter (PDF Only):
6 Details of Consent to Operate
(i) Whether Consent to operate obtained (Yes/No) ? : No
7 Amendment Sought for
Amendment in Configuration/ Amendments in Clearance condition/ Other (specify) : EC letter no. J 13012/75/2010-IA.II (T) dated 27th November 2012, specific condition clause
8 Details of Product (as per the approved EC)
Details of Products Product / Activity (Capacity/ Area). Quantity Unit Mode of Transport/ Transmission of Product
1Electric Power Generation660MWPower Grid
9 Details of Configuration (Multiple Entries Allowed)
Details of Configurations Plant/ Equipment/ Facility Existing Configuration Proposed Configuration Final configuration after amendment Remarks if Any
11x660 Supercritical TPPNilNil1x660 Supercritical TPPThere will be no amendment in production
10 Reason for Amendment
Reason for Amendment : 1. As per EC letter no. J 13012/75/2010-IA.II (T) dated 27th November 2012, specific condition clause no. (ix), “a stack of 275 m height with flue gas velocity not less than 22m/s shall be installed and provide with continues online monitoring equipment’s for SOx, NOx, & PM10.Mercury emission from stack may also be monitored on periodic basis”. In view of revised environmental norms dated 07/12/2015, FGD and SCR as pollution control equipment need to be installed. Due to incorporation of FGD design with revised chimney sizing calculations, flue gas velocity at stack exit has changed. Hence same has to be incorporate in EC amendment. 2. Environmental clearance was granted considering the coal linkage from Machhakata Coal Block. In view of Supreme Court decision, dated 24/09/2014 the coal allocation of the Machhakata Coal Block has been cancelled. As such, the coal linkage to Bhusawal 1x660 MW project has changed and same has to be incorporate in EC amendment. 3. Coal Requirement mentioned in EC as 3.99 MTPA shall be revised to 3.18 MTPA. 4. As per, Specific condition, clause no. (i), Old unit 2x210 MW viz. Unit II & III has to comply with 50 mg/Nm3. 50 mg/Nm3 shall be revised with 100 mg/Nm3 as per revised norms dated 7/12/2015.
11 Any Other amendment required
Any Other Amendment Required Reference of Approved EC Description as per Approved EC Description as per Proposal. Remarks
1J 13012/75/2010-IA.II (T) Dated 27th November 2012J 13012/75/2010-IA.II (T) dated 14.01.2020,Reg. ECEC AmendmentAmendment in EC conditions
12 Details of EIA Consultant
Have you hired Consultant for preparing document (Yes/No) ? : Yes  
(i) Accereditation No : NABET/EIA/1720/RA0101  
(ii) Name of EIA Consultant : Pollution and Ecology Control Services  
(iii)Address : Near Dhantoli Police Station, Dhantoli, Nagpur. 440012  
(iv)Mobile No: 9373128182  
(v)Landline No : 07122293225  
(vi)E-mail Id :  
(vii)Category of Accreditation : Category A and B  
(viii)Sector of Accreditation : 1(a) (i), 1(c), 1(d), 2(a), 2(b), 3(a), 4(b), 7(h), 8(a), 8(b)  
(ix)Validity of Accreditation : 15/11/2020   (x)Uploaded certificate of Accreditation certified by QCI/NABET (Upload PDF Only):
13. Document to be Attached
  (a) Uploaded addendum to EIA/EMP Report:   (b) Uploaded Copy of revised -Feasibility Report /Detailed Project Report (DPR) / Detailed Engineering Report / Detailed Conceptual Plan / Approved Mining Plan (in case of mining proposals):   (c) Upload Copy of final Layout Plan:   (d)Uploaded Cover Letter duly signed by the project proponent or authorized person:   (e)Uploaded a copy of authorization duly signed by the project proponent in support of the person making this application on behalf of the User Agency:   (f)Uploaded Additional File, If any:
Essential Details Sought
Details of State of the project EDS Sought Date EDS Sought Letter
Additional Detail Sought:   NIL
14. Undertaking
(a): I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief and I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at any stage, The project will be rejected and clearance given, If any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost. In addition to above, I hereby give undertaking that no activity / construction / expansion has since been taken up. (b)Name : Nitin s Wagh (c)Designation: CGM (d)Company: MAHARASHTRA STATE POWER GENERATION COMPANY LIMITED (e)Address: PRAKASHGAD,PLOT NO G-9,SECOND FLOOR,BANDRA(EAST),MUMBAI-400051