1. Basic Informations
Registered Address Human Space Flight Centre, ISRO HQ Campus, New BEL Road, Bengaluru Karnataka 560094 Legal Status of the Company Central Government
Address for the correspondence:
(a)Name of the Applicant ALWARSAMY ALAGARSAMY
(b)Designation (Owner/ Partner/ CEO) GROUPDIRECTOR
(c)Address Human Space Flight Centre, ISRO HQ Campus, New BEL Road, Bengaluru,Bangalore Urban,Karnataka-560094
(d)Pin code 560094
(f)Telephone No. 80-22172614
(g)Fax No. 08023513304
Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency . NIL
Category of the Project/Activity as per Schedule of EIA Notification,2006:
(a)Major Project/Activity8(a) Building and Construction projects
(b)Minor Project/ActivityNIL
(c)Category B2
(d)Proposal Number SIA/KA/MIS/130722/2019
(e)Master Proposal Number(Single Window) SW/130716/2019
(f)EAC concerned (for category A Projects only) INFRA-2
(g)Project Type(New/Expansion/Modernization) Fresh EC
(a)Number of States in which Project will be Executed 1
(b)Main State of the project Karnataka
Details of State(s) of the project
S. No. State Name District Name Tehsil Name Village Name
Details of Public Consultation:
(a)Whether the Project Exempted from Public Hearing?Yes
(c)Reason -1
(d)Supporting Document NILL
Project Profile
Location of the project KUDHAPURA
Town / Village
(Name of more than one town may be entered by separating with)
KUDHAPURA Plot/Survey/Khasra No.
(Name of more than one town may be entered by separating with)
State Karnataka District Chitradurga
Tehshil Challakere Pincode 577536
Nearest railway station CHALLAKERE Distance from the project site 17
Nearest airport BANGALORE Distance from the project site 240
Nearest Town/City/District Headquarters CHITRADURGA Distance from the project site 40
Village Panchayats, Zila Parishad, Municipal Corporation, Local body(Complete postal addresses with telephone nos. to be given) Kudapura Nayakanahatti Zilla Parishad Chitradurga Post Nayakanahatti Pincode 577536 Taluk Challakere District Chitradurga Upload GPS file Copy of Kml File     
Uploaded GPS file
Shape of the project land Block (Polygon) Site alternative under consideration(If any) Uploaded Site alternative under consideration
Brief summary of project Uploaded Brief summary of project
Does your project location falls under out of any following areas None of above Areas
Proposed Built up area (Built up area or covered area on all the floors puttogether including its basement and other service areas which are proposed in the building or construction projects)(In Meter /Sqr) 110800 Existing Built Up Area(In Meter /Sqr) 0
Does it attract any of the general conditions given below? No
Does it attract the specific condition given below? No
Interlinked Projects Yes
Whether separate application of interlinked projects has been submitted? Yes Reason
Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the Forest (Conservation) Act,1980? No
Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the wildlife (Protection) Act,1972? No
Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the C.R.Z notification,2011? No
Whether there is any Government Order/Policy relevent/relating to the site? Yes Upload Order/Policy Uploaded Order/Policy
Forest land involved(hectares) 0
Is there any litigation pending against the project? No

1. Construction, operation or decommissioning of the Project involving actions, which will cause physical changes in the locality (topography, land use, changes in water bodies, etc.)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details there of (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
1.1 Permanent or temporary change in land use, land cover or topography including increase in intensity of land use (with respect to local land use plan) Yes Permanent change in land use is expected. The present land of arid nature with thorny vegetation will be converted to residential colony.
1.2 Clearance of existing land, vegetation and buildings? Yes The site does not have any building or structure. The proposed land is arid and is sparsely vegetated with scrub/thorny shrubs etc.
1.3 Creation of new land uses? Yes The land has been allotted for establishing township, which will be executed in different phases. The conceptual layout drawing of the proposed township is given in Fig. 5 enclosed in Annexure - 1.
1.4 Pre-construction investigations e.g. bore houses, soil testing? Yes Presently no pre construction investigations have been carried out. However, in due course of time ISRO plans to carry out necessary enabling works like construction of site office, soil investigations, paving of approach roads etc.
1.5 Construction works? No The conceptual layout drawing of the proposed township is shown in Fig. 5 of Annexure I, which will be taken-up after statutory approval.
1.6 Demolition works? No It is a barren land and hence no demolition work is required to construct new building.
1.7 Temporary sites used for construction works or housing of construction workers? No Temporary space within the site will be allocated for contractor’s material storage and site office only. Labourers will be drawn from surrounding villages.
1.8 Above ground buildings, structures or earthworks including linear structures,cut and fill or excavations and fill or excavations Yes Above ground building and structures are planned for the project. Linear structures like internal road are planned within the complex.Major cut and fill excavations not expected as the site as the site does not require filling
1.9 Underground works including mining or tunneling? No -
1.10 Reclamation works? No -
1.11 Dredging? No -
1.12 Offshore structures? No -
1.13 Production and manufacturing processes? No -
1.14 Facilities for storage of goods or materials? Yes During construction, storage of construction materials are planned in raw material storage sheds within the township site.
1.15 Facilities for treatment or disposal of solid waste or liquid effluents? Yes The segregated solid domestic waste will be collected and disposed as per approved norms. The sewage will be collected and treated in STP and the treated water will be reused for toilet flushing and plantation/gardening. The solid waste from composting and dried sludge of STP will be used as manure or disposed off suitably.
1.16 Facilities for long term housing of operational workers? Yes Township is being planned with all amenities at Kudapurakaval, which is at about 17 km from site. The details are provided in Form I A.
1.17 New road, rail or sea traffic during construction or operation? No The existing road i.e. Challakere -Nayakanhatti road (SH-45) leading to township will be used.
1.18 New road, rail, air water borne or other transport infrastructure including new or altered routes and stations, ports, airports etc? No No major access roads, rail etc. will be required.
1.19 Closure or diversion of existing transport routes or infrastructure leading to changes in traffic movements? No There will be no diversion or closure of the existing transport routes and other traffic infrastructure.
1.20 New or diverted transmission lines or pipelines? Yes i) The required power for the proposed township will be drawn from existing transmission line from IISc campus, which is adjacent to site. ii) New water pipeline from Vani Vilas Sagara to the proposed township is being laid byKarnataka State Govt.
1.21 Impoundment, damming, culverting, realignment or other changes to the hydrology of watercourses or aquifers? No Impoundment, Damming - Not Applicable. No realignment of existing hydrology. Culverts will be constructed at suitable places to maintain the existing water course and drainage pattern.
1.22 Stream crossings? Yes Ephemeral stream crossings are observed in the site.
1.23 Abstraction or transfers of water from ground or surface waters? Yes Abstraction or transfers of water from ground is not envisaged. During construction phase, it is planned to source water from the nearby sources of surface water. During operation phase, it is planned to tap water from the Tungabhadra- Pavagada scheme of KUWSDB.
1.24 Changes in water bodies or the land surface affecting drainage or run-off? No The general slope of the terrain will be maintained. The run-off will be collected through network of storm water drains and the same will be connected to the existing drainage pattern.
1.25 Transport of personnel or materials for construction, operation or decommissioning? Yes Transport of personnel or materials through existing road only for construction as indicated in Clause 1.17 & 1.18.
1.26 Long-term dismantling or decommissioning or restoration works? No -
1.27 Ongoing activity during decommissioning which could have an impact on the environment? No -
1.28 Influx of people to an area in either temporarily or permanently? Yes During the peak construction phase about 200 persons will be deployed at the site. Influx of these people will be temporary in nature. The township is planned to accommodate the employess and their families of HSFC. It will also accommodate 250 CISF personnel and their families also which will be permanent in nature.
1.29 Introduction of alien species? No No alien species will be introduced.
1.30 Loss of native species or genetic diversity? No The tress as identified will be protected. The native species in consultation with the forest officials will be planted as part of green belt development around the township.
1.31 Any other actions? No -
2 Use of Natural resources for construction or operation of the Project (such as land, water, materials or energy, especially any resources which are non-renewable or in short supply):
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
2.1 Land especially undeveloped or agricultural land (ha) Yes The proposed entire site is undeveloped and non-agricultural land of about 100 acre (40.47 ha).
2.2 Water (expected source & competing users) unit: KLD Yes Construction Phase: Total water requirement is expected to be 200 KLD and will be met by water from Vani VilasSagar combined water supply scheme operated by KUWSDB. Operation Phase: Total water demand of the project is expected to be 1200 KLD and proposed to be drawn from the ongoing Tungabhadra-Pavagada combined rural water supply scheme.
2.3 Minerals (MT) No Not applicable.
2.4 Construction material – stone, aggregates, sand / soil (expected source – MT) Yes The construction materials, which will be used in the township site, will be obtained from authorized local sources. i. Stones approx. 67,200 m3 ii. Bricks approx. 168 lakh No. iii. Fine agg. Approx. 65,800 MT iv. Coarse agg. Approx. 56,000 MT v. Cement approx. 23,800 MT
2.5 Forests and timber (source – MT) No In places of timber, new generation materials like engineered boards, MDF will be used for wooden applications in order to minimize the timber volume.
2.6 Energy including electricity and fuels (source, competing users) Unit: fuel (MT),energy (MW) Yes Construction phase: Electricity- About 0.2 MW Operation Phase: Electricity- About 1.2 MW Source: KPTCL transmission lines/BESCOM Diesel: DG sets backup only critical loads (like Dispensary) & will be run only during power failure.
2.7 Any other natural resources (use appropriate standard units) No Non-conventional energy, wherever possible, will be harnessed to reduce dependency on conventional sources. By providing solar water heaters, streetlights and LED in residential quarters etc., energy consumption is expected to come down by 2 - 5%. It is also proposed to harness solar power by installation of above ground and rooftop solar installations.
3 Use, storage, transport, handling or production of substances or materials, which could be harmful to human health or the environment or raise concerns about actual or perceived risks to human health
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
3.1 Use of substances or materials, which are hazardous (as per MSIHC rules) to human health or the environment (flora, fauna, and water supplies No Since, it is a residential township no hazardous materials are stored/used. However, HSD will be used for DG sets.
3.2 Changes in occurrence of disease or affect disease vectors (e.g. insect or water borne diseases) No During the construction/operation period, adequate precaution will be taken to avoid stagnation of water to avoid spread of water borne diseases. Contamination of ground water will be avoided through proper drainage and housekeeping surface run-offs will be secured by efficient flow management.
3.3 Affect the welfare of people e.g. by changing living conditions? Yes It is expected that the centre will provide employment opportunities to the local people in terms of skilled and unskilled labour during construction and service personal during operational phase.
3.4 Vulnerable groups of people who could be affected by the project e.g. hospital patients, children, the elderly etc. No The project will not affect the local and vulnerable groups.
3.5 Any other causes No No other cause identified.
4 Production of solid wastes during construction or operation or decommissioning (MT/month)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
4.1 Spoil, overburden or mine wastes No -
4.2 Municipal waste (domestic and or commercial wastes) Yes Domestic municipal waste of about 2 tonne per day is likely to be generated.
4.3 Hazardous wastes (as per Hazardous Waste Management Rules) No Not Applicable.
4.4 Other industrial process wastes No Not Applicable.
4.5 Surplus product No -
4.6 Sewage sludge or other sludge from effluent treatment Yes Compost generated from sewage sludge will be used as manure for plantation/gardening.
4.7 Construction or demolition wastes Yes Excavated earth and construction debris will be reused for landscaping of township. The solid waste during the construction phase would comprise mainly the concrete debris, steel scrap, scrap from/of insulation material for air-conditioning and packaging material. Cement bags, waste paper and cardboard packing material will be sold off to recyclers. Unusable steel scrap will be collected at site and sold to recyclers.
4.8 Redundant machinery or equipment No -
4.9 Contaminated soils or other materials No -
4.10 Agricultural wastes No -
4.11 Other solid wastes No -
5 Release of pollutants or any hazardous, toxic or noxious substances to air(Kg/hr)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
5.1 Emissions from combustion of fossil fuels from stationary or mobile sources Yes Being a township project, continuous emission is not envisaged. DG sets backup only critical loads & will be run only during power failure. Hence, the emission will be insignificant. Stationary sources: • From asphalt and concrete mixing plants, only during construction. Mobile sources: From movement of material transport vehicles & heavy earth moving machineries, equipment etc., during construction.
5.2 Emissions from production processes No -
5.3 Emissions from materials handling including storage or transport No Not Expected.
5.4 Emissions from construction activities including plant and equipment Yes There will be some emission from construction activities. However, these emissions will last for a short period and it will be temporary & restricted within the township boundary. The impact will be reversible, marginal, and temporary in nature.
5.5 Dust or odours from handling of materials including construction materials, sewage and waste Yes There will be some fugitive dust emission intermittently expected from construction activities. However, these emissions will last for a very short period and it will be temporary & restricted within the township boundary. The impact will be reversible, marginal, and temporary in nature. Odour generation is not expected from sewage treatment plant since latest technology is adopted.
5.6 Emissions from incineration of waste No -
5.7 Emissions from burning of waste in open air (e.g. slash materials, construction debris) No -
5.8 Emissions from any other sources No -
6 Generation of Noise and Vibration, and Emissions of Light and Heat:
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
6.1 From operation of equipment e.g. engines, ventilation plant, crushers No -
6.2 From industrial or similar processes No -
6.3 From construction or demolition Yes Noise generation from construction equipment used for drilling, cutting operations. Noise generated will be about 85-90dB(A). All DG sets will be covered by acoustic enclosure as per statutory rules and will conform to noise standards. The DG sets will be mounted on anti-vibration mounts to reduce the impacts of vibration.
6.4 From blasting or piling No No blasting & piling is planned. Isolated footings are planned for buildings.
6.5 From construction or operational traffic Yes Movement of construction materials in the truck will create noise which will be temporary and only for a short period.
6.6 From lighting or cooling systems No -
6.7 From any other sources No -
7 Risks of contamination of land or water from releases of pollutants into the ground or into sewers, surface waters, groundwater, coastal waters or the sea:
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
7.1 From handling, storage, use or spillage of hazardous materials No Not Applicable
7.2 From discharge of sewage or other effluents to water or the land (expected mode and place of discharge) No Sewage water will not be discharged to any water body. The treated water will be reused for toilet flushing, gardening and solid waste from STP will be used as manure for plantation development.
7.3 By deposition of pollutants emitted to air into the land or into water No -
7.4 From any other sources No -
7.5 Is there a risk of long term build up of pollutants in the environment from these sources? No -
8 Risk of accidents during construction or operation of the Project, which could affect human health or the environment
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
8.1 From explosions, spillages, fires etc from storage, handling, use or production of hazardous substances No Not Applicable
8.2 From any other causes No -
8.3 Could the project be affected by natural disasters causing environmental damage (e.g. floods, earthquakes, landslides, cloudburst etc)? No The proposed township is in Zone II (Refer Fig. 6 of Annexure) of seismic map, hence least prone to earthquakes. The design of new structures will be in accordance with the prescribed guidelines. The proposed township area is an inland area and falls in a moderate rainfall area. The average annual rainfall is about 467mm only. Hence, natural calamities like cyclone, flood, landslide etc., are not expected.
9 Factors which should be considered (such as consequential development) which could lead to environmental effects or the potential for cumulative impacts with other existing or planned activities in the locality
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
9.1 Lead to development of supporting utilities, ancillary development or development stimulated   by the project which could have impact on the environment e.g.:
  • Supporting infrastructure (roads, power supply,waste or waste water treatment, etc.)
  • housing development
  • extractive industries
  • supply industries
  • Other
Yes Noticeable ancillary developments are expected due to construction of township. But, a moderate positive impact on socio economic condition expected from the job opportunity is likely to arise from the housing units. The positive impacts are in the transports and small scale business. The present rate of migration to cities is likely to reduce due to better employment opportunities - likely to arise due to proposed township.
9.2 Lead to after-use of the site, which could have an impact on the environment No There is no after-use life limit for the township site.
9.3 Set a precedent for later developments Yes There may be increase of housing units and other amenities in future as per Govt. policy.
9.4 Have cumulative effects due to proximity to other existing or planned projects with similar effects Yes Other units like DRDO, IISc, BARC also are planning to establish similar townships nearby.
(III) Environmental Sensitivity
S.No Areas Name/Identity Aerial distance (within 15km.) Proposed project location boundary
1 Areas protected under international conventions, national or local legislation for  their ecological, landscape, cultural or other related value
No -
2 Areas which are important or sensitive for ecological reasons - Wetlands, watercourses or other water bodies, coastal zone, biospheres, mountains, forests No -
3 Areas used by protected, important or sensitive species of flora or fauna for breeding, nesting, foraging, resting, over wintering, migration No -
4 Inland, coastal, marine or underground waters No -
5 State, National boundaries No -
6 Routes or facilities used by the public for access to recreation or other tourist, pilgrim areas Yes SH-45 (Challakere – Nayakanahatti state highway) is passing adjacent to the proposed township.
7 Defence installations Yes A new facility is proposed by DRDO.
8 Densely populated or built-up area No -
9 Areas occupied by sensitive man-made land uses (hospitals, schools, places of worship, community facilities) Yes A middle school and public health centre are existing at Nayakkanahatti village. Tippeswamy temple is located at about 5 km from the site.
10 Areas containing important, high quality or scarce resources.(ground water resources,surface resources,forestry,agriculture,fisheries,tourism,minerals) No -
11 Areas already subjected to pollution or environmental damage.(those where existing legal environmental standards are exceeded) No -
12 Areas susceptible to natural hazard which could cause the project to present environmental problems (earthquakes, subsidence, landslides, erosion, flooding or extreme or adverse climatic conditions) similar effects No Refer Sl. No. 8.3
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5. Whether it is a violation case and application is being submitted under Notification No. S.O.804(E) dated 14.03.2017 ? No
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I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief. And I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at any stage, the project will be rejected and clearance given, if any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost. In addition to above, I hereby give undertaking that no activity/ construction/ expansion has since been taken up.
Name of Company (Applicant Name should not be given here)ISRO HUMAN SPACE FLIGHT CENTRE
AddressHuman Space Flight Centre, ISRO HQ Campus, New BEL Road, Bengaluru