EC Report
1. Project Details
   i. Proposal No. : SIA/ML/MIN/75935/2018    ii. File No. : SEIAA(2018)/PP/01/Pt./2018    iii.Short narrative of the project: Randhigopa Boulderstone Mine    iv. Project Sector : Non-Coal Mining    v. Subcategory : B2    vi. Company/Proponent : EVALYNI KARBANI
  vii.Details of State of the project
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
1.MeghalayaWest Garo HillsDadenggiri
viii. Uploaded EC Compliance report by regional office of MoEFCC: NIL    viii.Date of TOR Granted N/A
  Important Dates
Important Dates
Accepted by SEIAA and forwarded to SEAC Accepted by SEAC EC Granted
07 Dec 201829 Jan 2019N/A
2. Uploaded Documents of EIA/EMP, Risk Assessment, GPS, Toposheet, Form - 1, Pre Feasibility Report, Form - 1(A)
i.EIA/EMP: Annexure-EIA/EMP ii.Risk Assessment: Annexure-Risk Assessment    iii.Shape of the project land: Block (Polygon) iv.GPS file: Annexure-GPS File v.Toposheet file: Annexure-Toposheet file vi. Form - 1: Annexure- Form - 1 vii.Pre Feasibility Report / Conceptual Plan : Annexure-Pre Feasibility Report/Conceptual Plan viii.Mining Plan: Annexure-Mining Plan   ix. Uploaded Cover Letter: Annexure-Cover Letter   x. Uploaded Additional Report/Study/Document as desired by Ministry/EAC: Annexure-Additional Report/Study/Document   xi. Remarks: 1. MePDCL Application enclosed with Form 2. 2. Valid LOI enclosed with Mining Plan. 3. Mining Plan Approval letter enclosed with Mining Plan. 4. Stone crusher not required, rectification done. 5.
3. Additional Detail Sought:   NIL
4. Accredited Consultant Details
   i. Accreditation status : Yes    ii. Accreditation No. : RQP/AJM/378/2015/A    iii. Name of Consultant: JAIPAL SINGH   iv. Address : C-47, RAGHU MARG, HANUMAN NAGAR, RAJASTHAN   v. Mobile No.: 9485112301   vi. Landline No.: 01412353332   vii. Email Id:
Essential Details Sought
Essential Details Sought EDS Sought Date EDS Sought Letter
1.31/07/20181. Form- 2 is needed to be filled up and uploaded by the PP. 2. Colour Photographs of the site to be uploadedEDS Letter
2.01/01/1900The corrections have been made as per the instruction received.3.25/01/2019Proposal No.SIA/ML/MIN/75935/2018 SEIAA F.No.:SEIAA(2018)/PP/01/Pt./2018 1.As per Sl.19(c) of Form-2 - The agreement is to be uploaded and hard copy to be uploaded. 2.As per Sl.35(8) of form-2-Valid Letter of Intent has to be uploaded since the validity of Letter of Intent submitted have expired. 3.As per Sl.35(4)(c) of Form-2-Letter of approval of Mining Plan to be uploaded. 4.To clearly specify information at Sl.35(6) of Form -2. 5. Further, I am to bring to your information that the GPS Map of the Mining site uploaded cannot be viewed or accessed, so scanned copy of the same may be uploaded till the technical problem is resolved.EDS Letter
4.01/01/1900The corrections have been made as per the instruction received.
Additional Details Sought
Additional Details Sought ADS Sought Date ADS Sought Letter
5. Undertaking
The aforesaid application and documents furnished here with are true to my knowledge
   i. Name : EVALYNI KARBANI    ii. Designation : PROPRIETOR    iii. Company : EVALYNI KARBANI    iv. Address : MAWRYNGKANG, EAST KHASI HILLS, MEGHALAYA
6. Recommendation by SEAC/SEIAA :   NIL