EC Report
1. Project Details
   i. Proposal No. : SIA/JK/IND/18687/2012    ii. File No. : Nil    iii.Short narrative of the project: Environmental Clearance for Proposed Mehboob Cement Industries Pvt Ltd.A cement Manufacturing Unit of Capacity 200 TPD.    iv. Project Sector : Industrial Projects - 1    v. Subcategory : B1    vi. Company/Proponent : MEHBOOB CEMENT INDUSTRIES PVT LTD
  vii.Details of State of the project
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
1.Jammu and KashmirPulwamaPampore
   viii.Date of TOR Granted 23 Feb 2013 ix.TOR letter issued by Ministry: Annexure-TOR letter
  Important Dates
Important Dates
Accepted by SEIAA and forwarded to SEAC Accepted by SEAC EC Granted
03 Mar 201703 Mar 2017N/A
2. Uploaded Documents of EIA/EMP,Risk Assessment,Public Hearing
i.EIA/EMP: Annexure-EIA/EMP ii.Risk Assessment: Annexure-Risk Assessment iii.Public Hearing: Annexure-Public Hearing    iv. Date of Public Hearing: 14 Feb 2015   ix. Uploaded Cover Letter: Annexure-Cover Letter   x. Uploaded Additional Report/Study/Document as desired by Ministry/EAC: Nil   xi. Remarks: NIL
3. Additional Detail Sought
Additional Detail Sought Ads Letter Remarks Date of Submission
1. Additional Information by SEACCertificate from State Wildlife Protection Dept. sought on radial distance of project site from Protected Areas Network.Also, clearance from WLPD/ Standing Committee on National Board for Wildlife.25 Mar 2017
4. Accredited Consultant Details
   i. Accreditation status : Yes    ii. Accreditation No. : S.No 46 of NABET Updated List    iii. Name of Consultant: Enviro Concept India Pvt.Ltd   iv. Address : 1/3 A, Yudhister Marg, C-Scheme, Jaipur.   v. Mobile No.: 9829118043   vi. Landline No.: 01412223290   vii. Email Id:
Essential Details Sought
Essential Details Sought EDS Sought Date EDS Sought Letter
Additional Details Sought
Additional Details Sought ADS Sought Date ADS Sought Letter
5. Undertaking
The aforesaid application and documents furnished here with are true to my knowledge
   i. Name : MEHBOOB CEMENT INDUSTRIES PVT LTD    ii. Designation : Director    iii. Company : MEHBOOB CEMENT INDUSTRIES PVT LTD    iv. Address : Village-WuyanBala, Tehsil-Pampore, District-Pulwama, Jammu & Kashmir
6. Recommendation by SEAC/SEIAA :   NIL