Details of constitution and projects dealt by EAC at Central Level

S.No. Sector Date of Constitution Term of the EAC up to Item Numbers of Projects /
Activities Dealt by EAC
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1. Coal Mining 10th July,2020 9th July, 2023 • 1(a)(i) – Mining of Mineral in respect of Coal Mining Projects • 1(a)(ii)- Slurry Pipelines in respect of coal/lignite transportation and passing through national parks /sanctuaries/coral reefs /ecologically sensitive areas. • 2(a)- Coal Washeries Shri Lalit Bokolia lk[dot]bokolia[at]nic[dot]in
2 Non-Coal Mining 2nd January, 2019 21st January, 2022 • 1(a)(i) – Mining of Mineral in respect of Non-coal Mining Projects • 1(a)(ii)- Slurry Pipelines in respect of ore transportation connected to Mines and passing through national parks /sanctuaries/coral reefs /ecologically sensitive areas. • 2(b)- Mineral beneficiation located within ML area Dr. Pankaj Verma pankaj[dot]verma[at]nic[dot]in
3 Thermal 10th July,2020 9th July, 2023 • 1(d)-Thermal Power Plants Sh. Yogender Pal Singh yogendra78[at]nic[dot]in
4 Hydro & River Valley 13th July,2020 12th July,2023 •1(c)-River Valley projects and Irrigation Projects Sh. Yogender Pal Singh yogendra78[at]nic[dot]in
5 Industry-1 (Mineral Based industries) 18th February, 2022 17th February, 2025 • 2(b) Mineral beneficiation (standalone plants) • 3(a) Metallurgical industries (ferrous & non ferrous) • 3(b) Cement plants • 4(b) Coke oven plants • 4(c) Asbestos milling and asbestos based products • 4(f) Skin/hide processing including tanning industry • 5(i) Pulp & paper industry excluding manufacturing of paper from waste paper and manufacture of paper from ready pulp without bleaching • 1(a)(ii)- Slurry Pipelines in respect of ore transportation connected to Beneficiation Plant. Sh. Sunder Ramanathan r[dot]sundar[at]nic[dot]in
6 Industry-II (Petro-chemical & Distilleries) 7th March,2022 6th march,2025 • 1(b)-Offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development & production • 4(a)-Petroleum refining industry • 5(c)-Petro-chemical complexes (industries based on processing of petroleum fractions & natural gas and/or reforming to aromatics) • 5(d)-Manmade fibres manufacturing • 5(e)-Petrochemical products and petrochemical based processing such as production of carbon black and electrode grade graphite (processes other than cracking & reformation and not covered under the complexes) • 5(g)-Distilleries • 5(j)-Sugar Industry • 6(a)-Oil & gas transportation pipe line (crude and refinery/ petrochemical products), passing through national parks /sanctuaries/coral reefs /ecologically sensitive areas including LNG Terminal • 4(b)(ii)-Coal Tar processing units Shri A.K Pateshwary ak[dot]pateshwary[at]gov[dot]in
7 Industry-III (Chemical Industries) 16th October, 2020 15th October, 2023 • 4(d)- Chlor-alkali industry • 4(e)- Soda ash Industry • 5(a)- Chemical fertilizers • 5(b)- Pesticides industry and pesticide specific intermediates (excluding formulations) • 5(f) Synthetic organic chemicals industry (dyes & dye intermediates; bulk drugs and intermediates excluding drug formulations; synthetic rubbers; basic organic chemicals, other synthetic organic chemicals and chemical intermediates) • 5(h) Integrated paint industry Dr. R.B. Lal rb[dot]lal[at]nic[dot]in
8 Infrastructure-I 13th July,2020 12th July,2023 • 7(b) All ship breaking yards including ship breaking units • 7(c) Industrial estates/ parks/ complexes/ areas, export processing Zones (EPZs), Special Economic Zones (SEZs), Biotech Parks, Leather Complexes. • 7(e) Ports, Harbours, break waters, dredging • 7(f) Highways Sh. Amardeep Raju ad[dot]raju[at]nic[dot]in
9 Infrastructure-II 7th January, 2019 6th January, 2022 • 7(a) Air ports • 7(d) Common hazardous waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities (TSDFs) • 7(g) Aerial ropeways • 7(h) Common Effluent Treatment Plants (CETPs) • 7(i) Common Municipal Solid Waste Management Facility (CMSWMF) • 8(a) Building and Construction projects • 8(b)-Townships and Area Development projects. • 7(da)- Biomedical Medical Waste Treatment facilities Shri Lalit Bokolia lk[dot]bokolia[at]nic[dot]in
10 CRZ 13th July,2020 12th July,2023 • Projects or activities proposed in CRZ area Dr. Harendra Kharkwal h[dot]kharkwal[at]nic[dot]in
11 Violation Cases 6th June, 2017 5th June 2021 • Projects or activities involving violation of EIA Notification and submitted under S.O. 804(E), dated 14th March, 2017 Sh. Amardeep Raju ad[dot]raju[at]nic[dot]in

12 Nuclear & Defence 26th December,2018 25th December,2021 • 1(e)-Nuclear Power projects and processing of nuclear fuel • Projects or activities concerning national defence and security or involving other strategic considerations as determined by central government Dr Shruti Rai Bhardwaj shruti[dot]rai[at]nic[dot]in