(See Paragraph-6)
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(I) Basic Information
S.No.Item Details
Whether it is a violation case and application is being submitted under Notification No. S.O.804(E) dated 14.03.2017 ? No
Name of the Project/s M/s Associated Alcohols & Breweries Limited Grain Base Distillery for production of 137 KLPD of total spirit, 6 MW Co- generation power plant & 100-105 TPD of CO2 Generation as by product
Brief summary of projectAnnexure-Brief summary of project
Proposal Number IA/MP/IND2/48354/2016
Project Cost (in lacs) 2125
S. No. in the schedule5(g) Distilleries
Project Sector Industrial Projects - 2
3. Proposed capacity/area/length/tonnage to be handled/command area/lease area/number or wells to be drilled Grain Base Distillery for production of 137 KLPD of Total spirit & 6 MW Co- generation power plant Total Project area : 6.9 Acres ha.
5. Existing Capacity/Area etc. -1 ha.
6. Category of project i.e. 'A' or 'B' A
Does it attract the general condition? If yes, please specify No
Does it attract the specific condition? If yes, please specify No
Location of the projectVill-Khodi,Tehsil-Barwaha Dist-Khargone (M.P.)
Shape of the project landPoint
Uploaded GPS fileAnnexure-GPS file      
Uploaded copy of survey of India ToposheetAnnexure-Survey of india toposheet
Plot/Survey/Khasra No.34/1,&31
Town / VillageKhodi
State of the projectMadhya Pradesh
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
(1.)Madhya PradeshKhargaoneNo Data
(2.)Madhya PradeshKhargaoneNo Data
Nearest railway station along with distance in kms Badwaha, 5.50 km
Nearest airport along with distance in kms Indore, 50 km
11. Nearest Town/City/District Headquarters along with distance in kms Barwaha , 6.50 km
12. Village Panchayats, Zila Parishad, Muncipal Corporation, Local body (Complete postal address with telephone nos. to be given)
13. Name of the Applicant Harshan
14. Registered Address BPK Star Tower,4th Floor A.B. Road Indore(M.P.)
Address for correspondance:
Name of the Applicant Harshan
Designation (Owner/ Partner/ CEO) Director
Pin code 452008
Telephone No. 0731-6662400
Fax No. 0731-6662500
Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency . NIL
Details of Alternative Sites examined, if any. Location of these sites should be shown on a toposheet No
17. Whether part of Interlinked projects? No
18. Whether separate application of Interlinked project has been submitted? N/A
If Yes, MoEF file numberN/A
Date of submissionN/A
20. If No, Reason N/A
Whether the proposal involves Approval/ Clearance under: if yes, details of the same and their status to be given
(i) Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the Forest (Conservation) Act,1980?No
(ii) Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the wildlife (Protection) Act,1972?No
(iii) Whether the proposal involves approval/clearance under the C.R.Z notification, 2011?No
Whether there is any Government Order/Policy relevant/relating to the site?No
Whether any Forest Land Involved?
Area of Forest land Involved (hectares)N/A
Whether there is any litigation pending against the project and/or land in which the project is proposed to be set up?No
(a) Name of the CourtN/A
(b) Name of the Sub courtN/A
(c) Case No.N/A
(d) Orders/directions of the court, if any and relevance with the proposed projectN/A
(II) Activity
1 Construction, operation or decommissioning of the Project involving actions, which will cause physical changes in the locality (topography, land use, changes in water bodies, etc.)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details there of (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
1.1 Permanent or temporary change in land use, land cover or topography including increase in intensity of land use (with respect to local land use plan) Yes The plant is proposed at piece of land i.e. approx 6.9 acres, which is part of total available land of 30 acres of existing premises. Topography of the core zone is flat. Present land use of the core zone has already been defined for industrial activities. Extensive greenbelt/Green Cover has been developed in and around the existing plant premises. At present approx 9.32 acres land has been afforested with approx 3500 number of trees on adjoining land, which contribute to increase the aesthe
1.2 Clearance of existing land, vegetation and buildings? No The land has already occupied. The land is flat terrain without any undulation. The proposed site is more or less flat and no leveling of ground will be required. Most of the infrastructure is already available within the premises.
1.3 Creation of new land uses? Yes Installation of proposed plant may give rise to the development of ancillaries activities in the vicinity.
1.4 Pre-construction investigations e.g. bore houses, soil testing? Yes Boring and Soil Testing will be carried out.
1.5 Construction works? Yes Construction works will be initiated after obtaining Environment clearance from MoEF
1.6 Demolition works? No
1.7 Temporary sites used for construction works or housing of construction workers? Yes Temporary housing tents shall be provided to the construction workers.
1.8 Above ground buildings, structures or earthworks including linear structures, cut and fill or excavations and fill or excavations Yes Most of the structures in the plant will be above the ground. However excavations will be involved for foundations. Quantity of cut : approx 6588 cum Quantity of fill : approx 4793 cum
1.9 Underground works including mining or tunnelling? No No underground works is involved as no tunneling activities is proposed.
1.10 Reclamation works? No No Reclamation works is required
1.11 Dredging? No No Dredging activities will be involved
1.12 Offshore structures? No No offshore structures is envisage for proposed activity
1.13 Production and manufacturing processes? Yes Given in the project feasibility report.
1.14 Facilities for storage of goods or materials? Yes All the raw materials will be stored above the ground level under covered shed. 2 nos. of grain storage silo of approx 5000 MT capacity each will be provided & products storage tank will have capacity of approx 5100 KL for 37 days storage. Spent wash holding tank not required as feeding of spent wash to Multi Effect Evaporator integrated with Multi Pressure Plant for Zero Spent Wash Discharge.
1.15 Facilities for treatment or disposal of solid waste or liquid effluents? Yes DDGS : Distillers dry Grains with Soluble : From Broken rice- 56-58 TPD From Sorghum- 59-62 TPD From- Corn- 60-62 TPD will be generated which will be sold to purchaser as Cattle Feed, Poultry & Fishries. Yeast Sludge: Yeast Sludge & Fermenter Washings shall be sent to Multi Effect Evaporator through MPR Plant for Zero Discharge Boiler Ash: Small quantity of 45 MT / Day of Boiler Ash is expected, which will be disposed for brick manufacturing and/or land filling applications.
1.16 Facilities for long term housing of operational workers? No No residential colony is proposed
1.17 New road, rail or sea traffic during construction or operation? No There will be a slight increase in traffic volume during construction of the proposed activities due to transportation of construction materials. During operation of the plant, the raw materials will be transported by road in covered trucks. The existing state highway ( Indore- Khandwa ) is passing away near from site ( 1 km) can handle this minor increase in traffic. Hence there will not be any adverse impact on traffic due to the proposed activity.
1.18 New road, rail, air water borne or other transport infrastructure including new or altered routes and stations, ports, airports etc? No No new transport facilities are proposed.
1.19 Closure or diversion of existing transport routes or infrastructure leading to changes in traffic movements? No No closure or diversion of transporting facilities is proposed.
1.20 New or diverted transmission lines or pipelines? No No new or diversion of transmission line as well as for pipeline is proposed.
1.21 Impoundment, damming, culverting, realignment or other changes to the hydrology of watercourses or aquifers? No No culverting, realignment are envisaged, which may affect the hydrology of watercourses or aquifers.
1.22 Stream crossings? No No stream crossing is involved.
1.23 Abstraction or transfers of water from ground or surface waters? Yes Required water will be met through Ground water sources.
1.24 Changes in water bodies or the land surface affecting drainage or run-off? No No changes in water bodies, drainage and land surface are anticipated, as the site is more or less flat without undulations.
1.25 Transport of personnel or materials for construction, operation or decommissioning? Yes A few vehicles will be provided for transport of personnel during construction & operation of the plant. Construction materials will be transported in contractor’s vehicles. The raw materials will be transported in covered trucks by road. The existing road is capable of handling the additional vehicular traffic due to the proposed activities.
1.26 Long-term dismantling or decommissioning or restoration works? No No such works are envisaged.
1.27 Ongoing activity during decommissioning which could have an impact on the environment? No No such works are envisaged.
1.28 Influx of people to an area in either temporarily or permanently? Yes During construction local people will be involved. During operation of the plant preference will be given to the local people for employment.
1.29 Introduction of alien species? No Not Envisaged
1.30 Loss of native species or genetic diversity? No As a part of greenbelt development plan, native species that are suitable to that soil condition will be developed in consultation with local forest department
1.31 Any other actions? No Not envisaged
2 Use of Natural resources for construction or operation of the Project (such as land, water, materials or energy, especially any resources which are non-renewable or in short supply):
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
2.1 Land especially undeveloped or agricultural land (ha) Yes The entire land has been diverted for industrial use and no further land is required for the purposes. Total land is about 30 acres whereas existing unit covers almost approx 6.86 acres (Only Plant Area Considered) of land. The proposed grain base plant will require approx 13150 sq mt (Only Plant Area Considered) of land. At present approx 9.32 acres land is covered with the green belt/Green Cover and further green belt development shall be taken up with new upcoming unit.
2.2 Water (expected source & competing users) unit: KLD Yes Total water requirement is estimated as 4181 KLD and After recycling & reuse of 3056 KLD of water , net fresh water requirement is estimated as 1125 KLD, which will be sourced through Ground Water. No other industry is located in the vicinity of 2 km radius, which uses ground water.
2.3 Minerals (MT) Yes Coal - 180 TPD will be used
2.4 Construction material – stone, aggregates, sand / soil (expected source – MT) Yes Stone - approx 1000 MT Aggregate - approx 1500 MT Sand/Soil - approx 2000 MT
2.5 Forests and timber (source – MT) No
2.6 Energy including electricity and fuels (source, competing users) Unit: fuel (MT),energy (MW) Yes Approx 5600 KWH will be taken from cogeneration power plant. One DG set of 1250 KVA shall be kept as standby arrangement
2.7 Any other natural resources (use appropriate standard units) No
3 Use, storage, transport, handling or production of substances or materials, which could be harmful to human health or the environment or raise concerns about actual or perceived risks to human health
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
3.1 Use of substances or materials, which are hazardous (as per MSIHC rules) to human health or the environment (flora, fauna, and water supplies No No usage of Hazardous Chemicals/ Material during Construction/ Operational Activities.
3.2 Changes in occurrence of disease or affect disease vectors (e.g. insect or water borne diseases) No
3.3 Affect the welfare of people e.g. by changing living conditions? Yes The proposed project will create more employment opportunities in the area and substantial improvement in the socio-economic status is expected from the project activities.
3.4 Vulnerable groups of people who could be affected by the project e.g. hospital patients, children, the elderly etc. No Evaporators will be provided to maintain the zero discharge condition. Further suitable air pollution control equipment like Mechanical dust collector and bag filter at boiler will also be provided to control the air pollution
3.5 Any other causes No
4 Production of solid wastes during construction or operation or decommissioning (MT/month)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
4.1 Spoil, overburden or mine wastes No The dug soil during excavation will be used for filling of low-lying areas and for plantation purposes.
4.2 Municipal waste (domestic and or commercial wastes) No Not envisaged at significant level as no residential colony is proposed.
4.3 Hazardous wastes (as per Hazardous Waste Management Rules) No Spent oil generation from the DG set, Resin from DM Plant are identified as hazardous waste which shall be disposed off to authorized recyclers or TSDF at Pithampur Dist Dhar (MP).
4.4 Other industrial process wastes Yes 1. Sludge settled in CPU unit will be transferred to sludge drying beds which can be used as manure. Dry Powder (DDGS) (spent grain) of 56-62 TPD will be given to purchaser as Cattle Feed, Poultry & Fisheries. Boiler ash generated will be sold to nearby Ash Brick manufacturing units.
4.5 Surplus product No Not envisaged
4.6 Sewage sludge or other sludge from effluent treatment No Residue from MEE (if any) shall be send at TSDF Pithampur or may be used in boiler as agro fuel.
4.7 Construction or demolition wastes Yes Construction wastes will be disposed off as per guidelines.
4.8 Redundant machinery or equipment No No redundant machinery will be kept in the premises
4.9 Contaminated soils or other materials No Not envisaged
4.10 Agricultural wastes No Not envisaged
4.11 Other solid wastes No Not envisaged
5 Release of pollutants or any hazardous, toxic or noxious substances to air(Kg/hr)
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
5.1 Emissions from combustion of fossil fuels from stationary or mobile sources Yes Only Coal will be used as fuel in boiler. A stack of 50 meters with dust collector shall be provided.
5.2 Emissions from production processes No Not envisaged
5.3 Emissions from materials handling including storage or transport Yes During the handling of raw materials like Coal, Husk, Grain, Fugitive emission will be reduced by deployment of closed cover system, dust extraction system, water spraying arrangement etc.
5.4 Emissions from construction activities including plant and equipment Yes Fugitive dust emissions will be generated during construction. Dust curtains will be provided all round the work area to prevent the dust emissions. Water spraying will be done to prevent the dust emission due to vehicular movement.
5.5 Dust or odours from handling of materials including construction materials, sewage and waste Yes Entire grain base operation of unit is carried out in closed vessels and no odour problem is envisaged. It will be further controlled by avenue plantation around the area.
5.6 Emissions from incineration of waste No
5.7 Emissions from burning of waste in open air (e.g. slash materials, construction debris) No
5.8 Emissions from any other sources No
6 Generation of Noise and Vibration, and Emissions of Light and Heat:
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
6.1 From operation of equipment e.g. engines, ventilation plant, crushers Yes The sources of noise generation in the unit will be Boiler, Compressors, Turbine etc. All machinery will be manufactured as per OSHA/MoEF guidelines. Noise enclosures will be provided to DG Sets. Earplugs will be provided to workers working in the noise prone areas. Ambient noise levels will be in accordance with MOEF notification dated 14-02-2000 i.e. noise levels will be < 75 dB (A) during daytime and < 70 dB (A) during night time.
6.2 From industrial or similar processes Yes Noise is expected from operation of boiler, turbine etc. enclosures shall be provided
6.3 From construction or demolition Yes Construction equipment will cause some noise. Ear plugs will be provided to construction workers who work near the noise generating equipment. Noise shield shall be provided wherever required.
6.4 From blasting or piling No
6.5 From construction or operational traffic Yes Vehicles used by construction staff are minimal. The noise levels will be in accordance with MOEF notification dated 14-02-2000.
6.6 From lighting or cooling systems No
6.7 From any other sources No
7 Risks of contamination of land or water from releases of pollutants into the ground or into sewers, surface waters, groundwater, coastal waters or the sea:
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
7.1 From handling, storage, use or spillage of hazardous materials No Waste oil will be given to CPCB approved vendors. Waste resin from D.M. Plant shall be stored properly and will be disposed of at TSDF Pithampur (MP). Hence there will not be any spillage, which will affect the environment.
7.2 From discharge of sewage or other effluents to water or the land (expected mode and place of discharge) No The waste water from the process shall be treated through concentration and evaporation. Condensate generated during the process shall be utilized in the system. Sanitary wastewater will be treated in septic tank followed by soak pit. Hence there will not be any adverse impact on environment due to the discharge of effluent.
7.3 By deposition of pollutants emitted to air into the land or into water No Bag filters and other air pollutions control mechanism shall be provided at dust generation points. Ash from boiler will be given to brick manufacturer and/ or land filling application the considering small quantities
7.4 From any other sources No
7.5 Is there a risk of long term build up of pollutants in the environment from these sources? No
8 Risk of accidents during construction or operation of the Project, which could affect human health or the environment
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
8.1 From explosions, spillages, fires etc from storage, handling, use or production of hazardous substances Yes Fire hydrant and fire fighting system shall be provided and on site emergency plan shall be delineated. Storage of alchohal shall be ensured as per industrial safety norms.
8.2 From any other causes No
8.3 Could the project be affected by natural disasters causing environmental damage (e.g. floods, earthquakes, landslides, cloudburst etc)? No The area is not earthquake prone, however earthquakes resistance structure shall be provided. Proper disaster management plan shall be delineated.
9 Factors which should be considered (such as consequential development) which could lead to environmental effects or the potential for cumulative impacts with other existing or planned activities in the locality
S.No Information/Checklist confirmation Yes/No Details thereof (with approximate quantities/rates, wherever possible) with source of information data
9.1 Lead to development of supporting utilities, ancillary development or development stimulated   by the project which could have impact on the environment e.g.:
  • Supporting infrastructure (roads, power supply,waste or waste water treatment, etc.)
  • housing development
  • extractive industries
  • supply industries
  • Other
Yes Development process may be stimulated by the proposed unit and it may be envisaged in terms of increased grain production, consumer development for DDGS, and Raw Material supply agencies.
9.2 Lead to after-use of the site, which could have an impact on the environment No
9.3 Set a precedent for later developments Yes Improvement in social segment is expected which may lead to further development of area.
9.4 Have cumulative effects due to proximity to other existing or planned projects with similar effects Yes 15 KLPD distillery unit of M/s Agrawal Distilleries Pvt Limited is located at about 4-5 km from proposed site.
(III) Environmental Sensitivity
S.No Areas Name/Identity Aerial distance (within 15km.) Proposed project location boundary
1 Areas protected under international conventions, national or local legislation for  their ecological, landscape, cultural or other related value
2 Areas which are important or sensitive for ecological reasons - Wetlands, watercourses or other water bodies, coastal zone, biospheres, mountains, forests No
3 Areas used by protected, important or sensitive species of flora or fauna for breeding, nesting, foraging, resting, over wintering, migration No
4 Inland, coastal, marine or underground waters No
5 State, National boundaries No
6 Routes or facilities used by the public for access to recreation or other tourist, pilgrim areas No
7 Defence installations No
8 Densely populated or built-up area No
9 Areas occupied by sensitive man-made land uses (hospitals, schools, places of worship, community facilities) No
10 Areas containing important, high quality or scarce resources.(ground water resources,surface resources,forestry,agriculture,fisheries,tourism,minerals) No
11 Areas already subjected to pollution or environmental damage.(those where existing legal environmental standards are exceeded) No
12 Areas susceptible to natural hazard which could cause the project to present environmental problems (earthquakes, subsidence, landslides, erosion, flooding or extreme or adverse climatic conditions) similar effects No
(IV) Proposed Terms of Reference for EIA studies
1 Uploaded Proposed TOR File Annexure-TOR file
2 Uploaded scanned copy of covering letter Annexure-scanned copy of covering letter
3 Uploaded Pre-Feasibility report(PFR) Annexure-PFR
4 Uploaded additional attachments(only single pdf file) Annexure-Additional attachments
(V) Undertaking
I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief and I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at any stage, the project will be rejected and clearance given, if any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost.
Name of ApplicantHarshan
Name of Company (Applicant Name should not be given here)ASSOCIATED ALCOHOLS AND BREWERIES LIMITED
AddressBPK Star Tower,4th Floor A.B. Road Indore(M.P.)