EC Report
1. Project Details
   Whether it is a violation case and application is being submitted under Notification No. S.O.804(E) dated 14.03.2017 ? : No
1. Project Details
   i. Proposal No. : IA/UP/NCP/67519/2017    ii. MoEFCC File No. : 21-138/2017-IA-III    iii.Short narrative of the project: Modification of Group Housing Project "Trident Embassy"    iv. Project Sector : New Construction Projects and Industrial Estates    v. Company/Proponent : TRIDENT INFRA HOMES PVT LTD
  vi.Details of State of the project
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
1.Uttar PradeshGautam Buddha NagarGautam Buddha Nagar
vii. Uploaded EC Compliance report by rigional office of MoEFCC: Annexure-Uploaded EC Compliance report viii. Certified Monitoring report by RoMoEF: Annexure-Uploaded Monitoring report    ix.Date of TOR Granted 02 Jun 2017 x.TOR letter issued by Ministry: Annexure-TOR letter ix.Date of Submission for EC: 01 Nov 2017 x.Project Type: Modernization
2. Uploaded Documents of EIA/EMP,Risk Assessment,Public Hearing etc.
i.EIA/EMP: Annexure-EIA/EMP ii.Risk Assessment: Annexure-Risk Assessment iii.Public Hearing: Annexure-Public Hearing    iv. Date of Public Hearing: 19 Jul 2017   v. Uploaded Additional Report/Study/Document as desired by Ministry/EAC: Annexure-Additional Report/Study/Document   vi. Uploaded Cover Letter: Annexure-Cover Letter   vii.Remarks: We are herewith submitting the EIA/EMP Report with necessary annexures, other annexures will be submitted along with the hard copy submission. Kindly provide the EC to the earliest.
Additional Attachments, if any Attached File Date of Submission
1. reply to the EDS generated on 26.9.2017 Form1, Form 1A, Conceptual Plan and Satisfactory Compliance is attached herewith.28 Sep 2017
3. Additional Detail Sought:   NIL
4. Accredited Consultant Details
   i. Accreditation status : Yes    ii. Accreditation No. : NABET/EIA/RA083/076    iii. Name of Consultant: Grass Roots Research and Creation India (P) Ltd.   iv. Address : F374-375, Sector 63, Noida, UP.   v. Mobile No.: 8377904041   vi. Landline No.: 01204044630   vii. Email Id:
5. Undertaking
I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief and I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at at any stage, the project will be rejected and clearance given, if any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost.
   i. Name of Applicant : sumit    ii. Designation : MD    iii. Name of Company(Applicant Name should not be given here) : TRIDENT INFRA HOMES PVT LTD    iv. Address : Plot no. 5B, Sector-1, Greater Noida, U.P. v. Uploaded copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency: Annexure-Uploaded copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency