EC Report
1. Project Details
   Whether it is a violation case and application is being submitted under Notification No. S.O.804(E) dated 14.03.2017 ? : No
1. Project Details
   i. Proposal No. : IA/KA/MIS/72738/2018    ii. MoEFCC File No. : 11-12/2018-IA.III    iii.Short narrative of the project: Construction of Beach Resort and Golf Course    iv. Project Sector : Infrastructure and Miscellaneous Projects  +  CRZ    v. Company/Proponent : OPUS LAGUNA GOLF AND RESORTS PVT LTD
  vi.Details of State of the project
Details of State of the project State Name District Name Tehsil Name
1.KarnatakaDakshina KannadaMangalore
   vii.Date of TOR Granted N/A viii.TOR letter issued by Ministry: N/A ix.Date of Submission for EC: 12 Apr 2018 x.Project Type: New
2. Uploaded Documents of EIA/EMP,Risk Assessment,Public Hearing etc.
i.EIA/EMP: Annexure-EIA/EMP ii.Risk Assessment: Annexure-Risk Assessment iii.Public Hearing: Annexure-Public Hearing    iv. Date of Public Hearing: 06 Feb 2018   v. Uploaded Additional Report/Study/Document as desired by Ministry/EAC: Annexure-Additional Report/Study/Document   vi. Uploaded Cover Letter: Annexure-Cover Letter   vii.Remarks: Public Consultation is Not Applicable
Additional Attachments, if any Attached File Date of Submission
1. Query related documents. - Annexure No - 103 Apr 2018
2. Query related documents. - Annexure No - 203 Apr 2018
3. Query related documents. - Annexure No - 403 Apr 2018
4. Quarry related dcuments - Annexure No - 312 Apr 2018
3. Additional Detail Sought
Additional Detail Sought
Sno. ADS Letter Remarks Date of ADS
1.NAThe Committee decided that the proposal be deferred and the project proponent may submit a detailed clarification on the issues flagged above, to the Ministry. On receipt of the same, including clarification from the State Government, the can be placed for re-consideration. 22 May 2018
2. ADS LetterDear Sir/Madam, Compliance to ADS by MOEFCC as follows; Compliance to Clarification 1: As the proposed project site falls under CRZ II and as per the guidelines issued by MOEF & CC on 4th Feb 2015 (for development of beach resorts or hotels in CRZ-II area) and as per the para 1 (e)-“no permanent structures for sports facilities shall be permitted except construction of goal posts, net posts and lamp posts” the golf course is a sports activity and doesn’t involve any permanent structures, hence it is a permissible activity under CRZ rules and guidelines. Compliance to Clarification 2: The CRZ map duly HTL demarcation is being rectified through superimposing the resort building is enclosed for your ready reference. 27 Aug 2018
3.NAA detailed explanation on how the proposed project is in consonance with the extant CRZ Notification, 2011 may be submitted to the Ministry along with the copy of the CRZ map indicating projcet site, HTL, NDZ demarcation etc. (in hard copy) for better appreciation of the issues flagged by the Expert Appraisal Committee (CRZ) in its 190th meeting held in May, 2018. 23 Oct 2018
4. ADS LetterDear Sir/Madam, Compliance to ADS by MOEF&CC is attached herewith. 13 Nov 2018
5. ADS LetterThe Compliance report furnished by the Project Proponent has been examined in the Ministry and it is requested that the Map is redrawn in accordance with the CZMP approved in August, 2018 and thereafter would required endorsement/recommendation of Karnataka Coastal Zone Management Authority. Letter attached in this regard 09 Apr 2019
6. ADS LetterADS has been uploaded 04 Oct 2019
4. Accredited Consultant Details
   i. Accreditation status : Yes    ii. Accreditation No. : NABET/EIA/1518/RA 014    iii. Name of Consultant: METAMORPHOSIS Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd.   iv. Address : Prakruthi Bhavan, # 200, 2nd Floor, 1st Cross, 40th Main, BTM Layout II Stage, Behind Silk Board, Bengaluru 560068   v. Mobile No.: 9845027475   vi. Landline No.: 08026783006   vii. Email Id:
5. Undertaking
I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief and I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at at any stage, the project will be rejected and clearance given, if any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost.
   i. Name of Applicant : PRAKASH    ii. Designation : ManagingDirector    iii. Name of Company(Applicant Name should not be given here) : OPUS LAGUNA GOLF AND RESORTS PVT LTD    iv. Address : No. 7, Vihar Hotel, 524 Sandhurst Building, Opera House, Mumbai. v. Uploaded copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency: Annexure-Uploaded copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency