S. No.Item Details
Whether it is a violation case and application is being submitted under Notification No. S.O.804(E) dated 14.03.2017 ? No
Details of Project:
(a)Name of the project(s) Expansion of production of Iron Ore from 5.3 million TPA (4.3 MTPA ROM Iron Ore+1.0 MTPA of low grade iron ore from old dump within lease area) to 9.0 million TPA (8.0 MTPA ROM+1.0 MTPA of low grade i
(b)Name of the Company / Organisation BONAI INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD
(c)Registered Address Main Road, Barbil, Keonjhar, Odisha,Keonjhar,Orissa-758035
(d)Legal Status of the Company Private
(e)Joint Venture No
Address for the correspondence:
(a)Name of the Applicant HIRAK MAZUMDER
(b)Designation (Owner/ Partner/ CEO) Vice President(G&E)
(c)Address Bonai Industrial Co. Ltd. Main Road, Barbil, Odisha,,Barbil,Keonjhar,Orissa-758035
(d)Pin code 758035
(f)STD Code. 6767(f)Telephone No. 275361
(g)Fax No. 275361
(h)Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency . Annexure-Uploaded Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority
Category of the Project/Activity as per Schedule of EIA Notification,2006:
(a)Project/Activity1(a) Mining of minerals
(b)Category A
(c)Proposal Number IA/OR/MIN/83339/2012
(d)Master Proposal Number(Single Window) SW/83317/2018
(e)EAC concerned (for category A Projects only) Non-Coal Mining
(f)Project Type Expansion
Location of the Project:
(a)Plot/Survey/Khasra No. Village Rengalbeda :61(P),63(P),70,71, 233(P),234(
(b)Pincode 770048
(c)Bounded Latitudes (North) FROM 21.965181 To 21.972319
(d)Bounded Longitudes (East) FROM 85.265227 To 85.269502
(e)Survey of India Topo Sheet No. 73G/5
(f)Uploaded Topo Sheet File Copy of Topo Sheet File
(g)Maximum Elevation Above Means Sea Level(AMSL) 615
(h)Uploaded (kml) File Copy of Kml File      
(i)Distance of Nearest HFL from the project boundary within the study area 0.3
(j)Seismic Zone 3
(a)Number of States in which Project will be Executed 1
(b)Main State of the project Orissa
Details of State of the project
S. No. State Name District Name Tehsil Name Village Name
Details of Terms of Reference (ToR)/EC:
(a)MoEF&CC / SEIAA File Number J-11015/135/2012-IA.II(M)
(b)Date of Apply of EC 31 Oct 2018
(c)Date of Issue of EC 18 Jun 2019
(d)Previous EC Letter Copy of Previous EC letter
Details of Public Consultation:
(a)Whether the Project Exempted from Public Hearing?No
(b)Whether details of Public Hearing available? Yes
(c)Whether Public hearing was presided over by an officer of the rank of Additional District Magistrate or above Yes
     7.1.       Details of Public Hearing
S. No.Details of Advertisement Details of Public Hearing Venue Location DetailsNo. of People AttendedIssues RaisedDesignation of Presiding OfficerOther Designation of Presiding Officer
Date of Advertisement :04 Sep 2018
Copy of advertisement :Copy of Advertisement
Copy of Public Hearing :Copy of Public Hearing
Date :10 Oct 2018
Distance of Public Hearing Venue from the Proposed Project :0.07
Play Ground near Nadidihi Primary School of village Nadikasira under Koira Tehsil of Sundargarh district
State :Orissa
District :Sundargarh
Tehsil :Koida
Village :Nadikasira
4001.Bad road conditions of NH- 215 leading to dust pollution during transportation, initiative should be taken for reduction of dust pollution during transportation. 2.Construction of bridge over the KOthers
Details of Project Configuration/Product:
Details Not Applicable
In case of Expansion / Modernisation / One Time Capacity Expansion (only for Coal Mining) / Expansion under Clause 7(ii) / Modernisation under Clause 7(ii) / Change of Product Mix under Clause 7(ii):
(a)Details of certified report on compliance of earlier environmental clearance condition
(i)Certified Compliance By Regional
(ii)Details of Regional Office of MoEFCC / Zonal Office of CPCB / SPCB / UTPCC from which certified report on Bhubneshwar
(iii)Letter No. 101-866/EPE
(iv)Status of Compliance Compiled
(v)Certified report on compliance of earlier environmental clearance conditions (Including Monitoring Report) Copy of Certified Compliance Report
(vi)Date of site visit N/A
(b)Details of Capacity Expansion
S. No.Product/Activity (Capacity/Area)Quantity FromQuantity ToTotal UnitOther UnitMode of Transport / Transmission of ProductOther Mode of Transport / Transmission of Product
(1.)Production of Iron ore530000037000009000000Tons per Annum(TPA)Road,Rail
(c)Details of Configuration
S. No.Plant / Equipment / Facility Existing ConfigurationProposed ConfigurationFinal configuration after expansionRemarks
(1.)Dozer 330HP111
(2.)Wagon Drill 110mm122
(3.)Mobile Crusher 150TPH088
(4.)Crane 20MT011
(5.)Tractor 50HP111
(6.)Dozer 330HP111
(7.)Mobile Crusher 250TPH066
(8.)Mobile Screening Plant 150TPH533
(9.)Hydraullic Excavator 3.5m3433
(10.)Hydraullic Excavator 2.5m3266
(11.)Hydraullic Excavator 1.1m3121414
(12.)Dumper 35 MT233636
(13.)Loader1.7m3/2.1 m3141414
(14.)Road Grader 150HP111
(15.)Compressor 750Cfm122
(16.)Mobile Screening Plant 300TPH744
(17.)Mobile water tanker 12KL444
(18.)Diesel Tanker 4KL111
(19.)DG Set KVA628728728
(20.)Tipper for outside transportation 10 MT50150150
(22.)Wet Beneficiation Unit 250TPH122
(23.)Rock Breaker 45 TPH688
(24.)Mobile water tanker 28KL011
(25.)Staff Bus022
(27.)Water Pump555
Details of Consent to Operate
(i)Whether Consent to operate obtained ? NA
(ii)Copies of all Consent to operate obtained since inception Copy of Consent to Operate
(iii)Date of Issue 05 Feb 2016
(iv)Valid Upto 31 Mar 2020
(v)File No. 2412/IND-I-CON-2266
(vi)Application No. ONLINE APPLICATION NO 373142
(vii)Copy of Consent to operate valid as on date Copy of Consent to Operate
Project Cost:
(a)Total Cost of the Project at current price level (in Crores) 200
(b) Funds Allocated for Environment Management (Capital) (in Crores) 1.36
(c) Funds Allocated Towards CER (Corporate Environment Responsibility) (in Crores) 1.5
(d) Funds Allocated for Environment Management Plan (EMP) (Recurring per Annum) (in Crores) 0.48
Whether project attracts the General Condition specified in the Schedule of EIA Notification ? Yes
d)Inter-State boundaries and international boundaries Yes
Whether project attract the Specific Condition specified in the Schedule of EIA Notification ? No
Raw Material / Fuel Requirement:
(a)Proposed quantity of raw material/fuel 4.4
(b)Existing quantity of raw material/fuel 5.2
(c)Total quantity of raw material/fuel 9.600000000000001
    13.1.        Raw Material / Fuel Profile
S. No.Raw Material / Fuel QuantityUnitOther UnitSource (incase of Import. please specify country and Name of the port from which Raw Material / Fuel is received )Mode of TransportOther Mode of TransportDistance of Source from Project Site (in Kilometres) (In case of import, distance from the port from which the raw material / fuel is received)Type of Linkage Other Type of Linkage Uploaded Copy of Linkage
(1.)HSD9.6Otherslac litersHaldiaRoad300 MoUCopy of Linkage
Baseline Data :
(a)Period of Base Line Data Collection FROM 01 Mar 2018 To 31 May 2018
(b)Season Pre-Monsoon
    14.1.     No. of ambient Air Quality (AAQ) monitoring locations : 8
S. No.Criteria Pollutants Other Criteria PollutantsUnitMaximum ValueMinimum Value98 Percentile ValuePrescribed Standard
(1.)PM10Micro Gram per Meter Cube86.351.2885.6100
(2.)PM2.5Micro Gram per Meter Cube55.8326.1155.2460
(3.)SO2Micro Gram per Meter Cube16.165.9415.9680
(4.)NOxMicro Gram per Meter Cube28.0711.3127.7380
    14.2.     No. of Ground Water monitoring locations : 4
S. No.Criteria Pollutants Other Criteria PollutantsHeavy MetalUnitOther UnitMaximum ValueMinimum ValueDesirable LimitMaximum Permissible Limit
(1.)Total Hardnessmg/l192168200600
(4.)Heavy MetalsLeadmg/l0.
(8.)OthersTotal ColiformOthersMPN/100 ml0000
    14.3.     No. of Surface Water monitoring locations : 3
S. No.Criteria Pollutants Other Criteria PollutantsUnitOther UnitMaximum ValueMinimum ValueClassification of inland water body
    14.4.     No. of Ambient Noise monitoring locations : 8
S. No.Parameter UnitMaximum ValueMinimum ValuePrescribed Standard
(1.)Leq(Day)A-weighted decibels(dB(A))68.552.675
(2.)Leq(Night)A-weighted decibels(dB(A))6242.570
    14.5.     No. of Soil Sample Monitored locations : 4
S. No.Parameter UnitOther UnitMaximum ValueMinimum Value
(1.)Electric ConductivityMillisiemens per Centimetre0.1250.102
(2.)N(Nitrogen)Kilogram per hectare301268
(3.)K(Potassium)Kilogram per hectare6245
(4.)P(Phosphorus)Kilogram per hectare149125
Details of Ground Water Table:
(a)Range of Water Table Pre-Monsoon Season (Meters Below Ground Level (m bgl)) From 10 To 12.3
(b)Range of Water Table Post-Monsoon Season (Meters Below Ground Level (m bgl)) From 10 To 8.4
(c)Whether Ground Water Intersection will be there ? Yes
(d)Upload Copy of Central Ground Water Authority Letter Copy of Central Ground Water Authority Letter
(e)Letter No. BICo/ED/GEO/2018-19/502A
(f)Date of Issue 18 Oct 2018
     15.      Details of Water Requirement (During Operation)
S. No.Source Source Other Required QuantityDistance from SourceCopy of Permission from Competent Authority Mode of TransportOther Mode of TransportMethod of Water WithdrawalOther Method of Water WithdrawalLetter No.Date of IssuePermitted Quantity
(1.)Surface21430.3Copy of Permission LetterPipelineOthersPUMPING3127 Feb 20181057
(a)Whether Desalination is proposed No
    16.       Waste Water Management(During Operation)
S. No.Type/Source Quantity of Waste Water Generated (Kilolitre per Day)Treatment Capacity (Kilolitre per Day) Treatment MethodMode of DisposalOther Mode of DisposalQuantity of Treated Water Used in Recycling/Reuse (Kilolitre per Day)Quantity of Discharged Water (Kilolitre per Day)
(1.)Domestic waste water/Residential Colony100100Aerobic Biological treatment (MBBR Technology)OthersThrough tanker & Pipeline1000
(a)Total Waste Water Generation 100
(b)Total Discharged Water 0
(c)Total Reused Water 100
    17.       Solid Waste Generation/Management
S. No.Name of Waste Item Other ItemQuantity per AnnumUnitDistance from Site(KM)Mode of TransportOther Mode of TransportMode of DisposalOther Mode of Disposal
(1.)WasteOthersover burden & inter burden2826960Tons0RoadOthersback filling
(2.)TailingsOtherstailings300000Tons0Othersdisposal pipeOthersin tailing pond
    18.1.     Air Quality Impact Prediction
S. No.Criteria Pollutants Other Criteria PollutantsUnitBaseline ConcentrationDistance GLCIncremental ConcentrationTotal GLCPrescribed Standard
(1.)PM10Microgram per Meter Cube82.050.53.2938885.34388100
(2.)SO2Microgram per Meter Cube000080
(3.)PM2.5Microgram per Meter Cube49.970.51.0256950.9956960
(4.)NOxMicrogram per Meter Cube28.071.00.0042528.0742580
    18.2.     Stack Details
S. No.Source FuelStack Height(m)Stack Diameter(m)PollutantsOther PollutantsEmission (GLS)
Power Requirement:
(a)Quantity (Kilo Volt Amps (kVA)) 815
(b)Source WESCO
(c)Uploaded Copy of Agreement Copy of Agreement
(d)Standby Arrangement (Details of DG Sets) 628 KVA & 100KVA
(e)Stack Height (in m) 6
Land Ownership Pattern:
(a)Forest Land 67.637
(b)Private Land 0.056
(c)Government Land 6.162
(d)Revenue Land 0
(e)Other Land 0
    Total Land 73.855
Present Land Use Breakup of the Study Area in Ha:
(a)Agriculture Area 0
(b)Waste/Barren Land 0
(c)Grazing/ Community Land 0
(d)Surface Water Bodies 0
(e)Settlements 0
(f)Industrial 0
(g)Forest 67.637
(h)Mangroves 0
(i)Marine Area 0
(j)Others : Private and Government land 6.218
    Total 73.855
    22.     Land requirement for various activities
S. No.Description of Activity / Facility / Plant / Others OthersLand RequirementRemarks
(1.)OB Dump Area11.94
(2.)Green belt4.575
(3.)Tailing Pond6
(4.)Quarry Area42.6
Total 73.855
Ecological and Environmental Sensitivity (Within 10 Km):- WLS-Wild Life Species; NPA-Notified Protected Area; ESAs-Eco Sensitive Areas; ESZs-Eco Sensitive Zones :
    23.1.     Details of Ecological Sensitivity :
S. No.Details of Ecological Sensitivity NameDistance from the Project (Km)Remarks
(2.)Corridors00NOT APPLICABLE
(3.)Critically Polluted Area00NOT APPLICABLE
(6.)Wildlife Corridors00NOT APPLICABLE
    23.2.     Details of Environmental Sensitivity :
S. No.Details of Environmental Sensitivity Other Details of Environmental Sensitivity NameDistance from the Project (Km)Remarks
(1.)ForestKaro RF0.2W
(2.)Archaeological Sites00Not Applicable
(3.)Defence Installations00Not Applicable
(a)Whether Noc / Permission from the competent authority is required? No
(b)Whether NBWL recommendation is required? No
Forest Land:
Whether any Forest Land involved? Yes
(a)Forests Clearance Status Final(Stage-II) Approval Obtained
(i)MoEFCC file number 8-ORA097/2008-FCD
(ii)Date of final approval
(iii)Date of In-Principle Approval
(iv)Area diverted 65.237
(v)Uploaded FC Letter Copy of FC Letter
(b)Legal Status of Forest Land KF & DLC
Tree Cutting:
(a)No. of Trees Cut for the Project (if Forest Land not Involved) 0
(b)Details of Tree Cutting and Planting of Trees Not Applicable
Land Acquisition Status:
(a)Acquired Land(Ha) 73.855
(b)Land yet to be acquired(Ha) 0
(c)Status of Land acquisition if not acquired 0
Rehabilitation and Resettlement (R&R):
(a)No. of Villages 0
(b)No. of Households 0
(c)No. of PDFs (Project Displaced Families) 0
(d)No. of PAFs (Project Affected Families) 0
(e)Funds Allocated for R&R(in Rs) 0
(f)Status of R&R Completed
Details of Presence of Schedule-I Species:
(a)Whether there is Presence of Schedule-I Species ? No
(b)Whether conservation plan for Schedule-I Species has been prepared ? Yes
(i)Uploaded copy of conservation plan Copy of conservation plan
(ii)Fund Provision made 123 lac
(iii)Period of Implementation 10 years
(c)Whether conservation plan for Schedule-I Species has been approved by competent authority ? Yes
(i)Uploaded copy of approval Copy of approval
(ii)Letter No. 1105
(iii)Date of issue 09 Feb 2010
(iv)Recommendation NA
Details of Presence of Water Bodies in Core Area:
(a)Whether there is Presence of Water Bodies in Core Area ? No
(b)Whether there is Diversion Required ? No
(c)Whether permission has been obtained from competent authority ? No
Details of Presence of Water Bodies in Buffer Area:
(a)Whether there is Presence of Water Bodies in Buffer Area ? Yes
(i)Details of Water Bodies in Buffer Area Karo river
(ii)Direction of Water Bodies in Buffer Area North West
(iii)Distance of Water Bodies in Buffer Area 0.3
Manpower Requirement:
(a)Permanent Employment-During Construction 0
(b)Permanent Employment-During Operation 335
(c)Temporary Employment- During Construction 0
(d)Temporary Employment- During Operation 0
(e)No. of working days 300
(f)Total Manpower 335
Green Belt in Ha:
(a)Uploaded Green Belt plan Copy of Green Belt Plan
S. No.Description ExistingProposedTotal
(1.)Total Area of Green Belt4.57559.575
(2.)Percentage of Total Project Area6.196.812.99
(3.)No. of Plants245001250037000
(4.)Funds Allocated5.255.2510.5
    33.         Project Benefits
S. No.Type of Project Benefits Details of Project Benefits
(1.)EnvironmentalThe mine is operating with all environmental protection measures such as; a) Air pollution control measures: Wet drilling and use of rock breakers to avoid blasting. Static water sprinklers has already done along the haul roads has been done which help us to conserve water. Deployment of mobile water tankers for sprinkling over the transportation roads. Dry fog type dust suppression system has already been installed at every discharge points in the crushing & screening plants; b) Water pollut
(2.)SocialThe company has undertaken various activities for educational facilities, such as; construction of class rooms, distribution of study materials, financial assistance to teachers, organizing various competitions. The company will continue to undertake further educational facilities and livelihood generation during expansion phase.
(3.)FinancialThe Government of Odisha will earn approx. Mine has paid 86,21,78,710/ as royalty for financial year 2017-18 which will increase upto 2,17,41,51,800/- for targeted production of 8.30 million tons.
   34.   CRZ Specific Details : Not Applicable
   35.   Sector Specific Details For Non-Coal Mining
S. No.Item Details
     1.       No. of Mineral(s) to be Mined : 1
S. No.Mineral(s) to be Mined Major or Minor Mineral
(1.)Iron oreMajor
Mine Capacity in ROM (Run of Mine) 8 MILLION TPA
Uploaded 500 meters Cluster Certificate from State Mines and Geology in case of minor minerals Copy of 500 meters Cluster Certificate from State Mines and Geology
Mining Plan:
(a)Approval Letter No. MSM/FM/22-ORI/BHU/2018-19
(b)Date of Approval 02 Aug 2018
(c)Approved Letter Copy of Approved Letter
(d)Approved By State Mining and Geology Department IBM
(e)Approved Mining Lease Area 73.855
(f)Approved Capacity 9000000
Technical Details:
(a)Total Geological Reserves (Million Ton) 39.786
(b)Mineable Reserves (Million Ton) 28.8
(c)Extractable Reserves(Million Ton) 22.98
(d)Percent(%) of Extraction 79.8
(e)Grade of Coal /Ore /Mineral 45 % AND ABOVE
(f)Stripping Ratio 1 : 0.48
(g)Category of Gaseousness (Only for Coal Mining, Others may Write NA) NA
(h)Average Gradient(Degree) 45
(i)Mining Method Opencast
(j)Life of Mine (Years) 3 WEF 1/7/2018
Details of Beneficiations:
(a)Whether it is proposed to install beneficiation plant/Coal washery within the mining lease area No
(b)Whether it is proposed to install crusher within the mining lease area Yes
(c)No. of crushers 4
     6.1.    Details of crusher:
S. No.Crusher ID Capacity (in PH)Remarks
(1.)4600 4 Sets of 150TPH, 1 set + (150TPH Primary = 150 TPH Secondary)
(2.)3750 3 sets of 250 TPH, I Set = (250TPH Primary+ 250 TPH secondary)
(3.)3450 3 Sets of 150 TPH,Screening units
(4.)41200 4 Sets of 300 TPH-Screening units
Details of Seams:
(a)Whether details of seam applicable No
Details of Mining Lease:
(a)Mining Lease Area (in Hectare) 73.855
(b)Whether obtained Letter of Intent (LOI) from the state government ? Yes
(i)Copy of Letter of Intent Copy of Letter of Intent
(ii)Date of issue of LOI 11 Dec 1947
(iii)Validity of LOI 20
(iv)Reference No. of LOI NOT AVAILABLE
(c)Whether Lease Deed Executed ? Yes
(i)Copy of Executed Lease deed valid as on Date Copy of Executed Lease deed
(ii)Provide area in Hectare as per executed lease deed (initial) document 73.855
(iii)Validity of the lease deed From : 02 May 2018 To : 31 Oct 2018
(iv)Date of Execution of Mining Lese 02 May 2018
(v)Reference Number ID no. 1721500220
(d)Whether Lease Deed Renewed ? Yes
     8.1.    Earlier Renewals:
S. No.Lease Details Date of Renewal Period Copy of Earlier Lease Letter No.Area Remarks
(1.)Initial 01 Jan 1900 From : 11 Dec 1947 To : 10 Dec 1967 Copy of Earlier Leasenot available 73.855
OB (Over Burden) Management:
(a) Details of External Dumps:
(i)No. of OB Dumps 1
(ii)Total Area (in Hectare) 12.648
(iii)Height (in meter) 59.4
(iv)Quantity (in Million Cubic meter) 5.19
(v)No. of year back fill up 2
(b) Details of Internal Dumps:
(i)No. of Internal Dumps 1
(ii)Total Area (in Hectare) 0.5
(iii)Height (in meter) 6
(iv)Quantity (in Million Cubic meter) 0.028
Details of Topsoil Management:
(a)Quantity of Topsoil excavated during the entire life of the mine (in Million Cubic metre) 0
(b)Quantity of Topsoil proposed for utilization for reclamation during the entire life of the mine (in Million Cubic metre) 0
(c)Quantity of Topsoil proposed for utilization for other activities during the entire life of the mine (in Million Cubic metre) 0
Details of Final Mine Void:
(a)Area (in Hectare) 42.6
(b)Depth (in meter) 12
(c)Volume (in Million Cubic meter) 4.52
Details of Quarry:
(a)Final Void of 42.6 (hectare) at a Depth of 12 meter which is Proposed to be Converted into a Water Body.
(b)Total Quarry Area (ha) 42.6
Details of Transportation:
(a)In Pit/Underground to Surface Excavator & dumper
(b)Surface to Siding/Loading dumper
(c)Transportation / Conveyor Details dumpers
     14.      Details of Land Usage (Pre-Mining)
(2.)FOREST LAND67.637067
(3.)WASTE LAND6.21806
     15.      Details of Land Usage (Post-Mining)
S. No.LAND USE Other LAND USEPlantation (ha)Water Body (ha)Public Use (ha)Undisturbed (ha)Total
(4.)INTERNAL OB DUMPS11.940011
(7.)GREEN BELT4.575004
(8.)Otherroads,mineral pro004.6724
(9.)VIRGIN AREA9.299009
Details of Reclamation:
Total Afforestation Plan shall be Implemented Covering of Mining.
This will Include:
(a)External OB Dump(in hectare) 9.36
(b)Internal Dump(in hectare) 3.5
(c)Quarry(in hectare) 0
(d)Safety Zone(in hectare) 4.575
(e)Final Void of 0 (hectare) at a Depth of 0 meter which is Proposed to be Converted into a Water Body.
(f)Density of Tree Plantation per ha (in no.) 2500
(g)Others in ha (such as Excavation Area along ML Boundary, along Roads and Infrastructure, Embankment Area and in Township Located Outside the Lease etc) 0
(h)Total afforestation plant (in hectare) 17.435
Status of progressive Mining Closure Plan:
Copy of Implementation of Various Activities as per Approved Progressive Mine Closure Plan Copy of Implementation of Various Activities as per Approved Progressive Mine Closure Plan
Any Deviation from the Approved Progressive Mine Closure Plan No
Total Area Excavated (in hectare) 33.9
Total Area Backfilled after Excavation (in hectare) 0.5
Total Area Reclaimed (in hectare) 7.86
     18.      Details of Actual Coal/ ORE Production vis-a-vis Sanctioned Capacity since the Inception:
S. No.Financial Year Sanctioned Capacity as per EC (MTPA)Sanctioned Capacity as per CTOSanctioned Capacity as per approved mining planActual Production Excess Production Beyond the EC / CTO/ Mining Plan Sanctioned Capacity (MTPA)
Additional Detail Sought Additional Detail Sought, 3.
S. No.Item Details
Details of Court Cases:
(a)Whether there is any Court Cases pending against the project and/or land in which the project is proposed to be set up ? Yes
(b)Name of the Court Tribunals
(c)Name of the Sub Court Central Administrative Tribunal
(d)Case No. 22/(19)/2018/RC-I
(e)Orders/Directions of the court ,if any and its relevance with the proposed project Revision Application No. 22/(19)/2018/RC-I is Pen
(f)Case Details Covered above
(g)Uploaded Court Order Copy of Court Order
Details of Direction Issued under Environment (Protection) Act / Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution)) Act / Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act:
(a)Whether any Direction issued under EPA Act/Air Act/Water Act ? Yes
(b)Details of Direction Issued Under Environment (Protection) Act / Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution)) Act / Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act 2(C)C Case No. 50/2013 pending in the Court of Ld. S.D.J.M. Bonai, Dist- Sundargarh initiated under section 15 of the E.P.Act, 1986.The said case has been stayed on 28.01.2014 by the Hon’ble High Court of Orissa in CRLMP NO. 44/2014 in Misc Case No. 23/2014.
(c)Uploaded Copy of Direction Issued Under Environment (Protection) Act / Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution)) Act / Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act Copy of Direction Issued
(d)Compliance status of the directions MENTIONED ABOVE
Details of EIA Consultant:
(a)Have you hired Consultant for preparing document? Yes
(i)Accreditation No. NABET/EIA/RA027/023(Sl.No. 43 Rev. 69, September
(ii)Name of the EIA Consultant Ecomen Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.
(iii)Address Flat No. 8, 2nd Floor , Arif Chamber –V, Sector –H, Aliganj, Lucknow-226024
(iv)Mobile No. 9335205453
(v)Landline No. 0522276188
(vi)Email Id
(vii)Category of Accreditation A
(viii)Sector of Accreditation Non-Coal Mining
(ix)Validity of Accreditation 06 Dec 2018
(x)Uploaded Certificate of Accreditation certified by QCI/NABET Copy of Certificate of Accreditation
Documents to be Attached:
(a)Uploaded Copy of EIA/EMP Report Copy of EIA/EMP
Copy of EIA/EMP(Annexures)
(b)Uploaded Copy of Risk Assessment Report Copy of Risk Assessment
(c)Uploaded Copy of Feasibility Report/ Detailed Project Report(DPR) /Detailed Engineering Report /Detailed Conceptual Plan /Approved Mining Plan Copy of Feasibility Report/ Detailed Project Report(DPR) /Detailed Engineering Report /Detailed Conceptual Plan /Approved Mining Plan
(d)Uploaded Copy of Final Layout Plan Copy of Final Layout Plan
(e)Uploaded Cover Letter Copy of Cover Letter
(f)Uploaded Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency Copy of documents in support of the competence/authority of the person making this application to make application on behalf of the User Agency
(g)Uploaded Additional File NA
Additional Detail Sought
Sno. ADS Letter Remarks Date of ADS
1.NADeferred 22 Nov 2018
2. ADS LetterSubmission of information/documents sought for in respect of Nadidih Iron & Manganese Mine of M/s Bonai Industrial Co. Ltd. located in villages – Nadikasira and Rengalbeda, Tehsil – Koira, Dist. Sundargarh, Odisha in reference to Minutes of 38th EAC meeting held in November 16th, 2018 downloaded from MoEF&CC website (File No. J-11015/135/2012-IA.II (M); Proposal No. IA/OR/MIN/83339/2012) Agenda Item no. 2.29. 28 Nov 2018
I hereby give undertaking that the data and information given in the application and enclosures are true to be best of my knowledge and belief. And I am aware that if any part of the data and information found to be false or misleading at any stage, the project will be rejected and clearance given, if any to the project will be revoked at our risk and cost. In addition to above, I hereby give undertaking that no activity/ construction/ expansion has since been taken up.
Name of ApplicantHIRAK MAZUMDER
DesignationVice President(G&E)
Name of Company (Applicant Name should not be given here)BONAI INDUSTRIAL COMPANY LTD
AddressMain Road, Barbil, Keonjhar, Odisha