(See Paragraph-6)
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(I)Basic Informations
S.No.Item Details
(i).Name of the Mining Lease site Thamb Stone Mine
(ii).Location / site (GPS Co-ordinate) Point no. Longitude Latitude Code 1 85° 24' 56.47'' 24° 24' 11.14'' BP - 1 2 85° 24' 56.27'' 24° 24' 11.71'' BP - 2 3 85° 24' 57.65'' 24° 24' 15.19'' BP - 3 4 85° 24' 58.82'' 24° 24' 14.84'' BP -
Annexure-GPS file      
Type of LeaseIndivisual Area
Size of the Mining Lease (in ha.)0.40 ha.
(iv).Capacity of the Mining Lease (TPA) 41952.6
(v).Period of Mining Lease 10
(vi).Expected cost of the Project 18.55
Have you hired Consultant/Registered Qualified Person(RQP) for preparing document?Yes
Accreditation No.RQP/RNC/166/2014/B 
Name of Consultant/RQPGEMS PROJECTS Pvt. Ltd.
Mobile No.9431115961
Landline No.2902588
(II) Environmental Sensitivity
S.No Areas Distance in kilometer / Details
1. (i).  Nearest rail or road bridge over the concerned river,rivulet,nallah etc. in kms.  6.8 km
2. (ii). Nearest Infrastructural along with distance in kms  6.5 km
(iii). Nearest Railway Line along with distance in kms  7.9 km
(iv). Nearest National Highway along with distance in kms  7.2 km
(v). Nearest State Highway along with distance in kms  19.5 km
(vi). Nearest Major District Road along with distance in kms 2.58 km
(vii). Nearest Any Other Road along with distance in kms  1.8 km
(viii). Nearest Electric transmission line pole or tower distance in kms  6.3 km
(ix). Nearest Canal or check dam or reservoirs or lake or ponds distance in kms  6.2 km
(x). Nearest In-take for drinking water pump house distance in kms  8 km
(xi). Nearest In-take for Irrigation canal pumps distance in kms  8 km
3. Areas protected under international conventions, national or local legislation for  their ecological, landscape, cultural or other related value
This area is not protected under any International Conventions, National or local Legislation for their ecological, landscape cultural or other related value
4. Areas which are important or sensitive for ecological reasons - Wetlands, watercourses or other water bodies, coastal zone, biospheres, mountains, forests I) There is no wetland in study area. II) List of water Course/water body: Water bodies Name Distance Direction Margoja Nadi 5.7 km SW III) Coastal zone more than 350 km SE from lease area Iv) There is no biosphere in the study area v) There is no mountain within 5 km study area vi) The Forest land is laying at a distance of 245 m
5. Areas used by protected, important or sensitive species of flora or fauna for breeding, nesting, foraging, resting, over wintering, migration There are no Schedule I flora and fauna within the study area List of Protected Forest:- Name Direction Distance 4 Nos. of PF North Within 2.4 km
6. Inland, coastal, marine or underground waters No coastal, marine or underground waters. Inland waters – Margoja nadi flows at a distance of about 5.7 km in south-west direction of the lease area. Coastal - No coastal area within the study area Underground Waters – Ground water tables 55 mbgl from top contour of the lease area in summer season in lease area and 50 mbgl from top contour of the lease area after rainy season in 5 km study area
7. State, National boundaries State Boundary – Bihar – 14.8 km N National boundary – Bangladesh@ more than 350 km E
8. Routes or facilities used by the public for access to recreation or other tourist,pilgrim areas No routes or facilities used by the public for access to recreation or other tourist, pilgrim areas.
9. Defence installations No defense installation within study area.
10. Densely populated or built-up area, distance from nearest human habitation Chandwara – 6.5 km SE
11. Areas occupied by sensitive man-made land uses (hospitals, schools, places of worship,community facilities) Upgraded Primary School at Chandwara – 6.5 km SE High School at Chandwara – 6.5 km SE Primary Health Centre at Jhumaritilaiya – 10.9 km NE Worship – Dhwajadhari Dham@Dhwajadhari Hills@Koderma – 20.10 km NE
12. Areas containing important, high quality or scarce resources.(ground water resources,surface resources,forestry,agriculture,fisheries,tourism,minerals) No areas containing important, high quality or scarce resources.
13. Areas already subjected to pollution or environmental damage.(those where existing legal environmental standards are exceeded) No area has been subjected to pollution or environmental damage.
14. Areas susceptible to natural hazard which could cause the project to present environmental problems (earthquakes, subsidence, landslides, erosion, flooding or extreme or adverse climatic conditions) Area comes under seismic zone II.
Is proposed mining site located over or near fissure/fracture for ground water recharge?No
Whether the proposal involves approval or clearance under the following Regulations or Acts namely?
The Forest (Conservation) Act,1980?No
The Wildlife (Protection) Act,1972?No
The Coastal Regulation Zone (C.R.Z) notification,2011?No
Is forest land involved (ha)?No
Whether there is any litigation pending against the project and/or land in which the project is proposed to be set up?No
Proposal NumberDIA/JH/MIN/19933/2019
File NumberTo be assigned
Date of Apply EC01 Apr 2019
Details of State of the project
S.No. State Name District Name Tehsil Name
(III) EC Attachments
1 Uploaded PFR (Pre Feasibility Report) File Annexure-PFR file
2 Uploaded Approved Mining Plan File Annexure-Approved Mining Plan file
3 Uploaded District survey report Annexure-District Survey Report
4 Uploaded Cover Letter Annexure-Cover Letter
Uploaded Additional attachments, if any
S.No. Attached File Date of Submission
(IV) Undertaking
The aforesaid application and documents furnished here with are true to my knowledge.
Company D RANA
AddressVillage - Thamb, P.O. - Dhabtham,Dist. - Koderma, Jharkhand